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Entrepreneur India, an esteemed monthly industrial magazine, is dedicated to fostering industrial development and unveiling new opportunities in technologies and projects. As a publication of Niir Project Consultancy Services (NPCS), an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we are committed to streamlining the investment process. Our magazine serves as an indispensable tool for business leaders, emerging entrepreneurs, women in business, investors, Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), startups, and professionals poised to launch their ventures. At Entrepreneur India, our goal is to make business decisions simpler and hassle-free. We provide detailed insights and comprehensive analysis on the right projects for investment, helping you navigate the complex landscape of industrial opportunities with ease. Whether you are taking your first steps in entrepreneurship or looking to expand your business horizons, Entrepreneur India is your trusted partner in identifying sound investment projects that promise substantial returns. Join us on a journey to explore the best projects that the industrial sector has to offer, tailored to meet the aspirations of modern business professionals and visionary investors. With Entrepreneur India, unlock the potential of your business aspirations and set the foundation for a successful and profitable venture. Niir Project Consultancy Services (NPCS), an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, stands as a beacon of guidance for the entrepreneurial and industrial community. Founded with the vision to streamline the decision-making process for new ventures and investment opportunities, NPCS has carved a niche in offering multidisciplinary consultancy services that span a diverse range of industries. NPCS is much more than a consultancy; it is a comprehensive ecosystem designed to support and nurture business from the ground up. By providing detailed project reports, market studies, and technical insights, NPCS serves as the backbone for both nascent and established businesses looking to expand or diversify.

Core Services and Operational Excellence

At its core, NPCS provides a spectrum of services crucial for the industrial sector. This includes the identification of viable investment opportunities, detailed feasibility studies, market research, technology transfer, and project profiling. Each service is tailored to deliver precision, accuracy, and actionable insights, ensuring clients can make informed decisions with confidence.

NPCS’s expertise covers various domains such as manufacturing, agro-farming, livestock, service industries, and trading. The consultancy’s approach is distinguished by its methodical analysis and strategic planning, which involves detailed capital and operational cost planning, resource allocation, and economic viability assessments.

Technological and Market Expertise

Over the years, NPCS has evolved from a firm specializing in project reports and market surveys to a multifaceted consultancy that addresses a wide array of industrial needs. This transformation has been driven by a commitment to staying ahead of technological advancements and market trends. The consultancy actively sources new technologies and industrial know-how from global leaders in Europe, South Asia, and the USA, reflecting its dedication to maintaining a cutting-edge service portfolio.

NPCS’s market research team comprises skilled consultants, field experts, researchers, and analysts from diverse sectors, ensuring a deep and comprehensive understanding of different industries. Their research is supported by advanced business and commercial databases, which provide clients with the latest data and insights crucial for their specific industries.

Contribution to Client Success

NPCS’s impact on the industrial sector is evident in its track record of enhancing the performance, efficiency, and profitability of its clients. The organization has facilitated the start of numerous successful projects, directly contributing to the economic growth and industrial development of the regions it serves. Through its integrated and systematic approach, NPCS ensures that critical information is readily accessible, enabling better decision-making for businesses at all stages of development.

Signature Services

The consultancy’s array of services is designed to address every possible need that might arise during the establishment or expansion of an industrial venture. These services include:

Project Analysis: Comprehensive analysis and planning of new projects, including logistics, resource needs, and cost estimates.

Market Research: In-depth market studies and surveys to gauge product demand, customer preferences, and market growth potential.

Feasibility Studies: Rigorous evaluations of the techical, economnic, and operational feasibility of projects.

Technical and Commercial Counseling: Guidance on setting up new businesses, including the selection of technology and equipment.

Regulatory and Compliance Advice: Assistance in navigating the regulatory environments, ensuring compliance with local and international standards.

NPCS’s role extends beyond mere consultancy to become a partner in its clients' entrepreneurial journeys, actively participating in setting up new businesses, modernizing existing facilities, and driving innovation.

Distinctive Features and Innovations

What sets NPCS apart in the consultancy arena is not just the breadth of its services but also its focus on innovation and quality. The organization fosters a culture of innovation that encourages the development of new technologies and methodologies. This commitment is reflected in the high quality of the project reports and studies it delivers, which are renowned for their reliability, detail, and relevance.

NPCS’s project reports are particularly famous for their thoroughness and accuracy. They encompass a wide range of factors, including market analysis, technical evaluations, financial forecasting, and risk assessments. These reports have become essential tools for anyone looking to invest in new projects, offering insights that are not only deep but also actionable.

Specialized Services of NPCS

NPCS offers a diverse array of specialized services designed to cater to the unique needs of each client and project. Here's an exploration of some key services:

Detailed Project Reports and Pre-feasibility Studies

One of the hallmark services of NPCS is the creation of Detailed Project Reports (DPRs) and pre-feasibility studies. These documents are meticulously crafted to provide all necessary details for project execution, including technical specifications, economic feasibility, market analysis, and statutory requirements. DPRs are instrumental for entrepreneurs in securing funding, obtaining government approvals, and serving as a roadmap for project implementation.

Market Survey and Research

NPCS conducts extensive market surveys and research, providing clients with deep insights into current market trends, future opportunities, and potential risks. These studies encompass a variety of sectors and provide data on consumer behavior, market demand, competition analysis, and potential market entry strategies. This service is crucial for businesses to position themselves effectively in competitive markets.

Techno-Economic Feasibility Reports

The consultancy's techno-economic feasibility reports are comprehensive evaluations that assess the viability of a project from both a technical and financial perspective. These reports help clients understand the intricacies of the market, the technology required for production, operational logistics, and the overall financial layout, ensuring that the investment is sound and promising.

Impact on Various Industries

NPCS has a significant influence across multiple industries, demonstrating its versatile expertise and the ability to adapt to different market needs. Below are examples of industries where NPCS has made a notable impact:


NPCS has facilitated numerous manufacturing projects by providing cutting-edge technology solutions and market insights. This includes industries like chemicals, textiles, food processing, and more. Each project report is tailored to meet the specific requirements of the sector, emphasizing sustainable practices and efficiency improvements.


In the realm of agro-based industries, NPCS has been pivotal in introducing modern agricultural practices, high-yield crop varieties, and innovative farming techniques. Their project reports have helped farmers and agribusinesses optimize production and improve market linkages, significantly boosting profitability.

Renewable Energy

Recognizing the global shift towards sustainable energy, NPCS has expanded its consultancy services to include renewable energy projects such as solar, wind, and biomass energy. The consultancy provides feasibility studies, market research, and project reports that enable clients to make informed decisions about entering and scaling in the renewable energy sector.

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

NPCS offers consultancy services that include market research, feasibility studies, and regulatory compliance guidance for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. This ensures that projects not only meet market needs but also comply with stringent health and safety regulations.

Client Success Stories and Testimonials

The success of NPCS is reflected in the positive feedback and testimonials from a wide range of clients. Entrepreneurs, startups, and established businesses alike have benefited from NPCS's expertise, experiencing enhanced project execution, market entry, and business expansion. These testimonials underscore the consultancy's role in their successful ventures and highlight the practical impact of NPCS's services in real-world scenarios.

Future Directions and Innovations

Looking ahead, NPCS continues to innovate and adapt to the changing industrial landscape. The consultancy is actively exploring new areas such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the Internet of Things (IoT) to integrate these technologies into their consultancy services. This forward-thinking approach ensures that NPCS remains at the forefront of industrial consultancy services, ready to meet future challenges and opportunities.

NPCS’s commitment to quality, innovation, and client success has established it as a leader in project consultancy services. With a strong foundation and a clear vision for the future, NPCS is poised to continue its legacy of excellence, supporting myriad industries in realizing their full potential.

Technological Integration and Advancements

NPCS is not just about traditional consultancy; it actively incorporates advanced technology into its services. This integration has enabled NPCS to offer more precise and efficient solutions, enhancing the quality of its project reports and feasibility studies.

Digital Transformation

NPCS has embraced digital transformation by utilizing software and platforms that streamline project management and data analysis. This includes the use of advanced data analytics to interpret market trends and project outcomes, which provides clients with more reliable and actionable insights.

Automation and AI

The introduction of automation and artificial intelligence (AI) into its service offerings allows NPCS to perform complex analyses and simulations. This technology assists in predicting market behavior, optimizing resource allocation, and enhancing decision-making processes, giving NPCS's clients a competitive edge in their respective fields.

Support for Startups and SMEs

NPCS has a dedicated focus on nurturing startups and small to medium enterprises (SMEs). Recognizing the unique challenges faced by these businesses, NPCS tailors its consultancy services to meet their specific needs, ensuring affordability and scalability.

Customized Solutions

Understanding that one size does not fit all, NPCS provides customized consultancy solutions that cater to the specific requirements of startups and SMEs. Whether it's a detailed project report for a new manufacturing unit or a market analysis for a tech startup, NPCS ensures that the information is relevant, timely, and actionable.

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

NPCS fosters an entrepreneurial ecosystem by providing not just consultancy but also mentoring and networking opportunities. It connects emerging businesses with industry leaders, potential investors, and technology providers, thereby facilitating knowledge exchange and collaboration.

Strategic Partnerships and Collaborations

To enhance its service offerings and extend its reach, NPCS has entered into strategic partnerships with technology firms, research institutions, and industry consortia. These collaborations enable NPCS to bring in additional expertise and access cutting-edge research.

Global Reach

Through its international partnerships, NPCS has extended its services globally, assisting clients not just in India but across the world. This global perspective enriches the consultancy's approach, making it versatile and adaptable to various market environments.

Collaborative Research and Development

NPCS collaborates with academic and research institutions to conduct joint research projects. These projects focus on developing new technologies, improving existing methodologies, and creating innovative solutions to industrial challenges.

Future Prospects and Vision

Looking to the future, NPCS is committed to maintaining its leadership in the consultancy sector by continuously evolving and adapting to new challenges. The consultancy plans to further expand its services in emerging industries such as biotechnology, sustainable energy, and digital health.

Focus on Sustainability

With global emphasis on sustainability, NPCS is increasing its efforts to promote environmentally friendly and sustainable business practices. This includes encouraging the adoption of green technologies, waste reduction methods, and sustainable supply chain practices among its clients.

Niir Project Consultancy Services (NPCS) stands as a pillar of innovation, reliability, and excellence in the industrial consultancy arena. With its comprehensive range of services, commitment to technology and sustainability, and dedicated support for startups and SMEs, NPCS is not just a consultancy but a vital partner in industrial and entrepreneurial growth. As it moves forward, NPCS remains dedicated to its mission of empowering businesses to achieve their goals and drive economic progress.

Client Engagement and Relationship Management

NPCS places a high priority on client engagement and relationship management, recognizing that long-term success hinges not only on the quality of consultancy provided but also on the strength of the relationships built with clients.

Personalized Client Service

Each client at NPCS receives personalized attention, ensuring that their specific needs and challenges are addressed. From the initial consultation to the final delivery of services, NPCS maintains open lines of communication, offering clients continuous support and updates. This tailored approach enhances client satisfaction and fosters a sense of trust and loyalty.

Feedback and Continuous Improvement

NPCS actively seeks feedback from its clients to gauge satisfaction and identify areas for improvement. This feedback is integral to the company’s continuous improvement strategy, enabling NPCS to refine its services and adapt to changing market demands and client expectations.

Training and Development Programs

Understanding the importance of skilled human resources in the success of any business venture, NPCS has invested in comprehensive training and development programs for entrepreneurs and business professionals.

Community Development and Economic Impact

NPCS’s influence extends beyond individual businesses to the wider community and regional economy. Through its consultancy services, NPCS plays a pivotal role in fostering economic development, creating jobs, and promoting sustainable business practices.

Sustainable Development Initiatives

NPCS encourages its clients to adopt sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. By integrating sustainability into its project reports and recommendations, NPCS helps businesses minimize their environmental impact and contribute to the global goals of sustainable development.

Strategic Growth and Industry Influence

As NPCS looks to the future, its strategic growth plans are aligned with the evolving needs of the global market and the emerging trends in various industries.

Expansion into New Markets

NPCS is continually exploring opportunities to expand its services into new geographical and sectoral markets. This includes targeting industries that are poised for growth, such as digital technologies, green energy, and biotechnology, and regions experiencing rapid industrialization.

Thought Leadership

NPCS is committed to maintaining its status as a thought leader in the consultancy sector. Through publications, speaking engagements, and participation in industry forums, NPCS shares its expertise and insights, shaping industry standards and influencing policy development.

Niir Project Consultancy Services (NPCS) remains at the forefront of the consultancy industry, driven by a commitment to excellence, innovation, and client success. By integrating advanced technologies, focusing on sustainable practices, and expanding its global footprint, NPCS is not just responding to the demands of today but is also shaping the future of the industrial consultancy landscape.

Building on the detailed exploration of Niir Project Consultancy Services (NPCS) and its multifaceted operations, let’s delve into the innovative approaches NPCS employs in project execution, its strategic initiatives for global expansion, and the company's efforts in promoting industry-wide standards and practices.

Innovative Project Execution

NPCS adopts innovative approaches in the execution of its projects to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness. These innovations are not only technological but also procedural, ensuring that each project is tailored to the specific needs of the client and the industry.

Project Management Methodologies

NPCS employs advanced project management methodologies such as Agile and Lean management techniques. These methodologies allow for greater flexibility and adaptability in project execution, enabling NPCS to respond swiftly to changes in project scope or market conditions, thereby reducing waste and improving project outcomes.

Integration of Big Data and Analytics

Big data and analytics play a crucial role in how NPCS handles project execution and market research. By analyzing large datasets, NPCS can identify patterns, trends, and insights that are not visible through traditional analysis methods. This capability allows NPCS to provide strategic advice based on empirical data, leading to more informed decision-making for clients.

Strategic Global Expansion

As part of its vision for the future, NPCS is actively pursuing strategic global expansion to increase its footprint in international markets. This expansion is not only geographical but also involves extending services to new industries and sectors.

Identifying New Markets

NPCS conducts comprehensive market analysis to identify potential new markets for expansion. This includes assessing economic conditions, industry growth patterns, and regulatory environments to ensure that new markets offer viable opportunities for NPCS and its clients.

Forming International Partnerships

To facilitate its global expansion, NPCS seeks to form strategic partnerships with local firms and international consultancies. These partnerships help NPCS gain local insights and expertise, crucial for providing relevant and context-specific advice to clients in new markets.

Promoting Industry Standards and Practices

NPCS is committed to promoting high standards and best practices across the industries it serves. This commitment is reflected in its efforts to influence policy, participate in standard-setting bodies, and provide thought leadership.

Engagement with Regulatory Bodies

NPCS actively engages with regulatory bodies and industry associations to help shape policies and regulations that govern various industries. By participating in these discussions, NPCS ensures that its services are not only compliant with current regulations but also anticipatory of future legislative trends.

Publishing Industry Insights

NPCS contributes to the broader knowledge base of the consultancy and industrial sectors by regularly publishing insights, research findings, and trend analyses. These publications are aimed at educating the market, influencing peers, and setting benchmarks for quality and innovation.

Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility

In alignment with global shifts towards sustainability, NPCS integrates environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into its project evaluations and recommendations. This approach ensures that NPCS’s projects contribute positively to sustainable development goals and adhere to corporate responsibility standards.

Niir Project Consultancy Services (NPCS) continues to redefine the consultancy landscape through innovative project execution, strategic global expansion, and a steadfast commitment to promoting industry standards. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, fostering strategic partnerships, and maintaining a deep commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility, NPCS is not only adapting to the evolving demands of the consultancy industry but is also shaping its future.




NIIR PROJECT CONSULTANCY SERVICES (NPCS) is a reliable name in the industrial world for offering integrated technical consultancy services. NPCS is manned by engineers, planners, specialists, financial experts, economic analysts and design specialists with extensive experience in the related industries.

Our various services are: Detailed Project Report,  Business Plan for Manufacturing Plant, Start-up Ideas, Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs, Start up Business Opportunities, entrepreneurship projects, Successful Business Plan, Industry Trends, Market Research, Manufacturing Process, Machinery, Raw Materials, project report, Cost and Revenue, Pre-feasibility study for Profitable Manufacturing Business, Project Identification, Project Feasibility and Market Study, Identification of Profitable Industrial Project Opportunities, Business Opportunities, Investment Opportunities for Most Profitable Business in India, Manufacturing Business Ideas, Preparation of Project Profile, Pre-Investment and Pre-Feasibility Study, Market Research Study, Preparation of Techno-Economic Feasibility Report, Identification and Section of Plant, Process, Equipment, General Guidance, Startup Help, Technical and Commercial Counseling for setting up new industrial project and Most Profitable Small Scale Business.

NPCS also publishes varies process technology, technical, reference, self employment and startup books, directory, business and industry database, bankable detailed project report, market research report on various industries, small scale industry and profit making business. Besides being used by manufacturers, industrialists and entrepreneurs, our publications are also used by professionals including project engineers, information services bureau, consultants and project consultancy firms as one of the input in their research.

Our Detailed Project report aims at providing all the critical data required by any entrepreneur vying to venture into Project. While expanding a current business or while venturing into new business, entrepreneurs are often faced with the dilemma of zeroing in on a suitable product/line.


And before diversifying/venturing into any product, wish to study the following aspects of the identified product:

• Good Present/Future Demand
• Export-Import Market Potential
• Raw Material & Manpower Availability
• Project Costs and Payback Period

We at NPCS, through our reliable expertise in the project consultancy and market research field, Provides exhaustive information about the project, which satisfies all the above mentioned requirements and has high growth potential in the markets. And through our report we aim to help you make sound and informed business decision.


The report contains all the data which will help an entrepreneur find answers to questions like:

• Why I should invest in this project?
• What will drive the growth of the product?
• What are the costs involved?
• What will be the market potential?

The report first focuses on enhancing the basic knowledge of the entrepreneur about the main product, by elucidating details like product definition, its uses and applications, industry segmentation as well as an overall overview of the industry sector in India. The report then helps an entrepreneur identify the target customer group of its product. It further helps in making sound investment decision by listing and then elaborating on factors that will contribute to the growth of product consumption in India and also talks about the foreign trade of the product along with the list of top importing and top exporting countries. Report includes graphical representation and forecasts of key data discussed in the above mentioned segment. It further explicates the growth potential of the product.

The report includes other market data like key players in the Industry segment along with their contact information and recent developments. It includes crucial information like raw material requirements, list of machinery and manufacturing process for the plant. Core project financials like plant capacity, costs involved in setting up of project, working capital requirements, projected revenue and profit are further listed in the report.

Reasons for buying the report:

• This report helps you to identify a profitable project for investing or diversifying into by throwing light to crucial areas like industry size, demand of the product and reasons for investing in the product.

• This report provides vital information on the product like its definition, characteristics and segmentation.

• This report helps you market and place the product correctly by identifying the target customer group of the product.

• This report helps you understand the viability of the project by disclosing details like raw materials required, manufacturing process, project costs and snapshot of other project financials.

• The report provides forecasts of key parameters which helps to anticipate the industry performance and make sound business decision.


Our Approach:

• Our research reports broadly cover Indian markets, present analysis, outlook and forecast.

• The market forecasts are developed on the basis of secondary research and are cross-validated through interactions with the industry players. 

• We use reliable sources of information and databases.  And information from such sources is processed by us and included in the report.


Our Market Survey cum Detailed Techno Economic Feasibility Report Contains following information:



Ø  Introduction

·         Project Introduction

·         Project Objective and Strategy

·         Concise History of the Product

·         Properties

·         BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) Provision & Specification

·         Uses & Applications


Ø  Market Study and Assessment

·         Current Indian Market Scenario

·         Present Market Demand and Supply

·         Estimated Future Market Demand and Forecast

·         Statistics of Import & Export

·         Names & Addresses of Existing Units (Present Players)

·         Market Opportunity


Ø  Raw Material

·         List of Raw Materials

·         Properties of Raw Materials

·         Prescribed Quality of Raw Materials

·         List of Suppliers and Manufacturers


Ø  Personnel (Manpower) Requirements

·         Requirement of Staff & Labor (Skilled and Unskilled) Managerial, Technical, Office Staff and Marketing Personnel


Ø  Plant and Machinery

·         List of Plant & Machinery

·         Miscellaneous Items

·         Appliances & Equipments

·         Laboratory Equipments & Accessories

·         Electrification

·         Electric Load & Water

·         Maintenance Cost

·         Sources of Plant & Machinery (Suppliers and Manufacturers)


Ø  Manufacturing Process and Formulations

·         Detailed Process of Manufacture with Formulation

·         Packaging Required

·         Process Flow Sheet Diagram


Ø  Infrastructure and Utilities

·         Project Location

·         Requirement of Land Area

·         Rates of the Land

·         Built Up Area

·         Construction Schedule

·         Plant Layout and Requirement of Utilities


Project at a Glance

Along with financial details as under:


  •     Assumptions for Profitability workings

  •    Plant Economics

  •    Production Schedule

  •    Land & Building

            Factory Land & Building

            Site Development Expenses

  •    Plant & Machinery

             Indigenous Machineries

            Other Machineries (Miscellaneous, Laboratory etc.)

  •    Other Fixed Assets

            Furniture & Fixtures

            Pre-operative and Preliminary Expenses

            Technical Knowhow

            Provision of Contingencies

  •   Working Capital Requirement Per Month

             Raw Material

            Packing Material

            Lab & ETP Chemical Cost

           Consumable Store

  •   Overheads Required Per Month And Per Annum

         Utilities & Overheads (Power, Water and Fuel Expenses etc.)

             Royalty and Other Charges

            Selling and Distribution Expenses

  •    Salary and Wages

  •    Turnover Per Annum

  •   Share Capital

            Equity Capital

            Preference Share Capital


  •    Annexure 1:: Cost of Project and Means of Finance

  •    Annexure 2::  Profitability and Net Cash Accruals


                Expenses/Cost of Products/Services/Items

                Gross Profit

                Financial Charges     

                Total Cost of Sales

                Net Profit After Taxes

                Net Cash Accruals

  •   Annexure 3 :: Assessment of Working Capital requirements

                Current Assets

                Gross Working. Capital

                Current Liabilities

                Net Working Capital

                Working Note for Calculation of Work-in-process

  •    Annexure 4 :: Sources and Disposition of Funds

  •    Annexure 5 :: Projected Balance Sheets

                ROI (Average of Fixed Assets)

                RONW (Average of Share Capital)

                ROI (Average of Total Assets)

  •    Annexure 6 :: Profitability ratios


                Earnings Per Share (EPS)


             Debt Equity Ratio

        Annexure 7   :: Break-Even Analysis

                Variable Cost & Expenses

                Semi-Var./Semi-Fixed Exp.

                Profit Volume Ratio (PVR)

                Fixed Expenses / Cost 


  •   Annexure 8 to 11:: Sensitivity Analysis-Price/Volume

            Resultant N.P.B.T

            Resultant D.S.C.R

   Resultant PV Ratio

   Resultant DER

  Resultant ROI

          Resultant BEP

  •    Annexure 12 :: Shareholding Pattern and Stake Status

        Equity Capital

        Preference Share Capital

  •   Annexure 13 :: Quantitative Details-Output/Sales/Stocks

        Determined Capacity P.A of Products/Services

        Achievable Efficiency/Yield % of Products/Services/Items 

        Net Usable Load/Capacity of Products/Services/Items   

       Expected Sales/ Revenue/ Income of Products/ Services/ Items   

  •    Annexure 14 :: Product wise domestic Sales Realisation

  •    Annexure 15 :: Total Raw Material Cost

  •    Annexure 16 :: Raw Material Cost per unit

  •    Annexure 17 :: Total Lab & ETP Chemical Cost

  •    Annexure 18  :: Consumables, Store etc.,

  •    Annexure 19  :: Packing Material Cost

  •    Annexure 20  :: Packing Material Cost Per Unit

  •    Annexure 21 :: Employees Expenses

  •    Annexure 22 :: Fuel Expenses

  •    Annexure 23 :: Power/Electricity Expenses

  •    Annexure 24 :: Royalty & Other Charges

  •    Annexure 25 :: Repairs & Maintenance Exp.

  •    Annexure 26 :: Other Mfg. Expenses

  •    Annexure 27 :: Administration Expenses

  •    Annexure 28 :: Selling Expenses

  •    Annexure 29 :: Depreciation Charges – as per Books (Total)

  •   Annexure 30   :: Depreciation Charges – as per Books (P & M)

  •   Annexure 31   :: Depreciation Charges - As per IT Act WDV (Total)

  •   Annexure 32   :: Depreciation Charges - As per IT Act WDV (P & M)

  •   Annexure 33   :: Interest and Repayment - Term Loans

  •   Annexure 34   :: Tax on Profits

  •   Annexure 35   ::Projected Pay-Back Period And IRR