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10 Booming Sectors for Startup

10 Booming Sectors for Startup. Emerging Industries to Start a Business


Metal Spectacle Frame

Metal frames are basically the classic in the glasses world, they are like what a Ford Thunderbird is to the car world. They are the most durable. These frames typically have more options available when it comes to texture, patterns and colors. The great option is flexon, which is considered a memory metal. It is strong, flexible, lightweight and hypoallergenic, perfect for the athlete (or those of us who want to pretend that we are athletes). There are stainless steel frames. These frames are also lightweight and corrosion resistant and great for a budget friendly person.

Metal is expected to surpass USD 30 billion by 2024. Increasing preference for thin and lightweight material is anticipated to propel demand. Flexibility and durability along with aesthetic appearance are among the key features driving product penetration.

Monel is the most common metal frame used globally and estimated to hold 18% of industry share in 2016. It is a mixture of many different materials as a result fairly corrosion resistant and is malleable enough to be durable and adjustable.

Trivex are expected to grow at over 3.5% up to 2024. Increasing material demand owing to UV radiation absorption and impact-resistant properties will fuel the product demand.

Tomato Powder

Tomato powder is manufactured by dehydrating tomato and creating a fine powder. Tomato powder is one of the most widely used ingredient in food and beverage industry. It is rich in flavor which has increased its application in various product lines such as seasonings and savories, soup mixes, snack foods, curries and gravies, baby foods and many more. Tomatoes have high levels of glutamic acid, which is the molecule that creates a majority of the umami taste. Tomato powder is the most efficient way to store dehydrated tomatoes. The powder consists of just one ingredient: dehydrated natural tomatoes. It’s an awesome option not only for replacing tomato juice, paste, and sauce, but it can also add flavors in unexpected places.

Tomato powder has a wide range of application in food and beverage industry owing to its rich flavoring attribute. Moreover, tomato contains a lot of health promoting phytochemicals and is rich in anti-oxidants which helps to keep skin cells healthy and keep ageing at bay. This has contributed to the growth of tomato powder market in cosmetic industry. Moreover, its use as a healthy supplement is bringing surge in the tomato powder market.

Rolling Mill

A rolling mill which uses the "hot rolling" method is capable of processing more gross weight of metal than any other manufacturing process. Rolling mills which use the "cold rolling" method can process the most tonnage from the entire range of cold working processes. There are many types of rolling processes used in rolling mills, including ring rolling, roll bending, roll forming, profile rolling, and controlled rolling. Rolling is a metal forming process in which metal stock is passed through one or more pairs of rolls to reduce the thickness and to make the thickness uniform. The concept is similar to the rolling of dough. Rolling is classified according to the temperature of the metal rolled. If the temperature of the metal is above its recrystallization temperature, then the process is known as hot rolling. If the temperature of the metal is below its recrystallization temperature, the process is known as cold rolling. In terms of usage, hot rolling processes more tonnage than any other manufacturing process, and cold rolling processes the most tonnage out of all cold working processes.

Tobacco Tooth Powder, Tooth Powder from Tobacco Dust

In India, there is a widespread misconception that tobacco is good for the teeth. Tobacco products are popular as a dentifrice in different parts of India and children also use such dentifrices. Among female smokeless tobacco users, the dominating form is tobacco toothpowder (41.3%). Among men it was khaini (57.1%) followed by tobacco toothpowder (8.8%). Many companies take advantage of this misconception and exploiting the addictive nature of nicotine by packaging and positioning their products as dental care products without explicitly stating so.

Oral hygiene has assumed great importance in Indian households in the recent past and fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies are arming themselves to the teeth to capture a large share of this fast growing market.

India oral care market has shown tremendous growth by value & volume in last few years in FMCG sector of India. Growing oral care market is driven by change in life style of consumers, demand of premium products, rising of disposable income etc. Penetration level of oral care products in urban area is high.

India Oral care market is fragmented in 5 categories includes toothpaste, toothbrushes, toothpowder, mouthwash and others. Toothpaste is dominant in oral care market. It is a primary product in daily oral hygiene has huge presence in urban and rural area. Increasing health and personal oral hygiene, Indians are now more aware how their diet affecting their teeth and mouth. Indian is now willing to pay more for prevention attention. This has helped toothpaste category to grow drastically in oral care market.

Wood Chip

Woodchips are small to medium sized pieces of wood formed by cutting or chipping larger pieces of wood such as trees, branches, logging residues, stumps, roots, and wood waste.

Woodchips may be used as a biomass solid fuel and are raw material for producing wood pulp. They may also be used as an organic mulch in gardening, landscaping, and restoration ecology, bioreactors for Denitrification and as a substrate for mushroom cultivation.

Wood chip, mainly used to produce paper and other products traditionally, has also been used to produce biofuel. The global demand for wood chip is increasing as policies promote the use of biomass for renewable energy. The USA has been a major exporter of wood chip worldwide. Meanwhile, European Union (EU) demand for wood chip is expected to increase rapidly in response to its renewable energy policy.

Wood chips are typically used in fluidized-bed installations, technically also in combination i.e. Co-combustion with coal. Such facilities are present all around the world. Outside Europe, the three main destinations for international wood chip trade include: Japan, Turkey, and China.

Wood Pulp

Wood pulp is wood that has been cut up into small pieces and crushed. Wood pulp is used to make paper. Wood reduced to pulp through mechanical and chemical treatment for use in the manufacture of certain kinds of paper. Wood that has been ground to a fine pulp for use in making newsprint and other cheap forms of paper, and in the production of hardboard. Finely pulped wood that has been digested by a chemical, such as caustic soda, and sometimes bleached: used in making paper.

The global wood pulp market is expected to witness a CAGR of 2.1% during the forecast period (2018 – 2023). Wood pulp is one of the most important global traded products due to its high demand in the paper production industry. The production and trade of wood pulp have become the most important industries in many countries. The pulp is a lignocellulosic fibrous material prepared by chemically or mechanically separating cellulose fibers from wood, fiber crops, or waste paper.

Growing demand is breathing new life into the wood-fiber industry and spurring new wood pulp-based consumer products. The most important factor driving the wood pulp industry is the growing global demand and consumption for tissue paper. The US is the largest consumer of tissue paper in the world, on an average 25 kg of tissue is used annually per person in the country. In the US, 37% of the tissue used is in the kitchen as kitchen towel.

Dearomatization of Kerosene Oil

Kerosene, also spelled kerosine, also called paraffin or paraffin oil, flammable hydrocarbon liquid commonly used as a fuel. Kerosene is typically pale yellow or colourless and has a not-unpleasant characteristic odour. It is obtained from petroleum and is used for burning in kerosene lamps and domestic heaters or furnaces, as a fuel or fuel component for jet engines, and as a solvent for greases and insecticides.

Kerosene and gas oil fractions are generally extracted with selective solvents to effect marked reduction in the concentration of aromatics, acidic, sulphur, organometallic and nitrogen compounds and unstable materials. The resultant raffinates meet the product specifications which are becoming more and more stringent. Aromatics concentration in kerosene is reduced to produce jet fuels and/or illuminant kerosene.

The aromatic extracts obtained from kerosene, diesel/gasoil fractions are used as feeds for hydro cracking or for carbon manufacture or as plasticizers for rubber, depending on their suitability. A solvent suitable for refining kerosene, diesel and gas oils must have fairly high selectivity and capacity for aromatics. It should also have higher density than the feeds; low viscosity, melting point and specific heat; Good thermal stability and a marked difference in the boiling point from that of the feed. It is for this reason that liquid sulphur dioxide and furfural have been tried and used widely in the industry.

Soda Water in Plastic Pouches

Soda water is fizzy water used for mixing with alcoholic drinks and fruit juice. Soda water is carbonated water and is often used for mixing with alcoholic drinks and fruit juice. Soda Water is carbonated water with a small amount of sodium bicarbonate (aka Baking Soda) in it. It is used in making many cocktails.

Soda water is water into which low levels of pressurized carbon dioxide has been dissolved. Soda water has long been considered a wholesome alternative to regular water. Soda water has that characteristic fizz and slightly sour flavor which is why it is preferred by those who dislike the flat taste of plain still water. And aside from it being a zero-calorie drink, soda water offers a handful of other health benefits as well.

Carbonated drinks are those drinks that bubbles and fizzes with dissolved carbon dioxide gas in it. Many people find the fizzy sensation to be pleasing and are fond of the slight different taste that carbon dioxide provides. The health concerns by the consumers are leading the manufacturers to shape their corporate strategy, with diet and low-calorie varieties in the global market. The industry has moved far beyond simply offering low or reduced-sugar versions of their brands, reformulating their products to include natural rather than artificial additives.

The global carbonated beverages market is expected to reach USD 412.5 billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 2.8%, during the forecast period. Carbonated beverages sector is one of the matured industries in the worldwide beverages market. In the recent past, the industry has undergone major changes regarding product innovations and offerings. To face the growing market challenges, companies are bringing new flavors keeping in mind the health and wellness concerns of consumers.

In the recent times, the global carbonated beverages market has undergone a number of changes and the scenario is projected to remain same over the next few years. The increasing base of the young population, specifically in developing economies, together with the rise in the purchasing power of consumers is anticipated to boost this market significantly in the years to come.

Some of the key players in the global soda production market are Jones Soda Co., Cott Corporation, The Coca-Cola Company, Trend Drinks, Faygo Beverages Inc., Asahi Soft Drinks Co. Ltd., Dr Pepper Snapple Group Inc., and PepsiCo Inc. The Coca-Cola Company holds the largest share in the market, followed by Pepsico Inc. and Dr Pepper Snapple Group Inc.

Pressure Cooker

A pressure cooker is an airtight cooking device that cooks food quickly. Pressure cooker, hermetically sealed pot which produces steam heat to cook food quickly. The higher temperature of a pressure cooker penetrates food quickly, reducing cooking time without diminishing vitamin and mineral content. Pressure cookers are especially useful at high altitudes, where they alleviate the problem of low temperature boiling caused by reduced atmospheric pressure.

The pressure cookers are extensively used in household for preparing food. The pressure cookers have preference over the conventional cooking utensils due to the advantage of retaining the nutritive value and flavour of the cooked food and less time required for cooking and thus effecting considerable savings in time and fuel.

The Indian small appliances market continues to grow strongly. The increased purchasing power and evolving lifestyle has made the market extremely attractive. Out of all the pressure cookers sold annually, the South accounts for almost 40% of pressure cookers sales in India. Induction based pressure cookers have become more popular in FY'16-17.

It has been observed, keeping in view the average family, which medium size/capacity pressure cookers have greater market. With the rapid advancement in the general living standards of the people, the demand of pressure cookers is increasing day by day. Accordingly, there is great scope for setting up of the new unit’s for manufacture of pressure cookers to standard specifications.

Digital Cinema Projector Equipment and Software Development

A digital projector is an electronic device that is capable of connecting to a computer or other device and projecting the video output onto a screen or wall. Digital projectors can be either fixed onto the ceiling, placed on a stand or can even be portable. Digital projectors are used in situations such as office training or presentation sessions, classroom teaching and home cinemas.

Projectors are one of the fastest growing product lines in India due to the booming education market. Changing lifestyles, decrease in price and rising spending on electronics has led to an upsurge in demand for high-end products including projectors.

Today Projectors have become a must have for small businesses and digital homes. Nowadays, projectors are not only a business tool but they are also an essential component of the education system as well as an option for home entertainment and gaming. The Indian projector market has seen considerable growth with the latest trends.

The projector market in India is extremely fragmented with many brands operating in various categories. With the latest HD and short throw projectors, home entertainment is getting a shot in the arm. 3D projectors are also making this category more attractive for 3D gaming and entertainment. Projectors are one of the fastest growing product lines in India thanks to the booming education market. Changing lifestyles, decrease in price and growing spending on electronics has led to an upsurge in demand for high-end products including projectors. The market in India is expected to grow at around 30%. There are also various emerging segments, which are booming with demand for projectors.

With the digitization of classrooms, many education institutions are incorporating virtual learning, e-learning, and video content-based learnings in their curriculum to aid their faculty in teaching with digital aids, thereby revolutionizing the whole teaching and learning process. This leads to the market growth for projectors on a global level.


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NIIR PROJECT CONSULTANCY SERVICES (NPCS) is a reliable name in the industrial world for offering integrated technical consultancy services. NPCS is manned by engineers, planners, specialists, financial experts, economic analysts and design specialists with extensive experience in the related industries.

Our various services are: Detailed Project Report,  Business Plan for Manufacturing Plant, Start-up Ideas, Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs, Start up Business Opportunities, entrepreneurship projects, Successful Business Plan, Industry Trends, Market Research, Manufacturing Process, Machinery, Raw Materials, project report, Cost and Revenue, Pre-feasibility study for Profitable Manufacturing Business, Project Identification, Project Feasibility and Market Study, Identification of Profitable Industrial Project Opportunities, Business Opportunities, Investment Opportunities for Most Profitable Business in India, Manufacturing Business Ideas, Preparation of Project Profile, Pre-Investment and Pre-Feasibility Study, Market Research Study, Preparation of Techno-Economic Feasibility Report, Identification and Section of Plant, Process, Equipment, General Guidance, Startup Help, Technical and Commercial Counseling for setting up new industrial project and Most Profitable Small Scale Business.

NPCS also publishes varies process technology, technical, reference, self employment and startup books, directory, business and industry database, bankable detailed project report, market research report on various industries, small scale industry and profit making business. Besides being used by manufacturers, industrialists and entrepreneurs, our publications are also used by professionals including project engineers, information services bureau, consultants and project consultancy firms as one of the input in their research.

Our Detailed Project report aims at providing all the critical data required by any entrepreneur vying to venture into Project. While expanding a current business or while venturing into new business, entrepreneurs are often faced with the dilemma of zeroing in on a suitable product/line.


And before diversifying/venturing into any product, wish to study the following aspects of the identified product:

• Good Present/Future Demand
• Export-Import Market Potential
• Raw Material & Manpower Availability
• Project Costs and Payback Period

We at NPCS, through our reliable expertise in the project consultancy and market research field, Provides exhaustive information about the project, which satisfies all the above mentioned requirements and has high growth potential in the markets. And through our report we aim to help you make sound and informed business decision.


The report contains all the data which will help an entrepreneur find answers to questions like:

• Why I should invest in this project?
• What will drive the growth of the product?
• What are the costs involved?
• What will be the market potential?

The report first focuses on enhancing the basic knowledge of the entrepreneur about the main product, by elucidating details like product definition, its uses and applications, industry segmentation as well as an overall overview of the industry sector in India. The report then helps an entrepreneur identify the target customer group of its product. It further helps in making sound investment decision by listing and then elaborating on factors that will contribute to the growth of product consumption in India and also talks about the foreign trade of the product along with the list of top importing and top exporting countries. Report includes graphical representation and forecasts of key data discussed in the above mentioned segment. It further explicates the growth potential of the product.

The report includes other market data like key players in the Industry segment along with their contact information and recent developments. It includes crucial information like raw material requirements, list of machinery and manufacturing process for the plant. Core project financials like plant capacity, costs involved in setting up of project, working capital requirements, projected revenue and profit are further listed in the report.

Reasons for buying the report:

• This report helps you to identify a profitable project for investing or diversifying into by throwing light to crucial areas like industry size, demand of the product and reasons for investing in the product.

• This report provides vital information on the product like its definition, characteristics and segmentation.

• This report helps you market and place the product correctly by identifying the target customer group of the product.

• This report helps you understand the viability of the project by disclosing details like raw materials required, manufacturing process, project costs and snapshot of other project financials.

• The report provides forecasts of key parameters which helps to anticipate the industry performance and make sound business decision.


Our Approach:

• Our research reports broadly cover Indian markets, present analysis, outlook and forecast.

• The market forecasts are developed on the basis of secondary research and are cross-validated through interactions with the industry players. 

• We use reliable sources of information and databases.  And information from such sources is processed by us and included in the report.


Our Market Survey cum Detailed Techno Economic Feasibility Report Contains following information:



Ø  Introduction

·         Project Introduction

·         Project Objective and Strategy

·         Concise History of the Product

·         Properties

·         BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) Provision & Specification

·         Uses & Applications


Ø  Market Study and Assessment

·         Current Indian Market Scenario

·         Present Market Demand and Supply

·         Estimated Future Market Demand and Forecast

·         Statistics of Import & Export

·         Names & Addresses of Existing Units (Present Players)

·         Market Opportunity


Ø  Raw Material

·         List of Raw Materials

·         Properties of Raw Materials

·         Prescribed Quality of Raw Materials

·         List of Suppliers and Manufacturers


Ø  Personnel (Manpower) Requirements

·         Requirement of Staff & Labor (Skilled and Unskilled) Managerial, Technical, Office Staff and Marketing Personnel


Ø  Plant and Machinery

·         List of Plant & Machinery

·         Miscellaneous Items

·         Appliances & Equipments

·         Laboratory Equipments & Accessories

·         Electrification

·         Electric Load & Water

·         Maintenance Cost

·         Sources of Plant & Machinery (Suppliers and Manufacturers)


Ø  Manufacturing Process and Formulations

·         Detailed Process of Manufacture with Formulation

·         Packaging Required

·         Process Flow Sheet Diagram


Ø  Infrastructure and Utilities

·         Project Location

·         Requirement of Land Area

·         Rates of the Land

·         Built Up Area

·         Construction Schedule

·         Plant Layout and Requirement of Utilities


Project at a Glance

Along with financial details as under:


  •     Assumptions for Profitability workings

  •    Plant Economics

  •    Production Schedule

  •    Land & Building

            Factory Land & Building

            Site Development Expenses

  •    Plant & Machinery

             Indigenous Machineries

            Other Machineries (Miscellaneous, Laboratory etc.)

  •    Other Fixed Assets

            Furniture & Fixtures

            Pre-operative and Preliminary Expenses

            Technical Knowhow

            Provision of Contingencies

  •   Working Capital Requirement Per Month

             Raw Material

            Packing Material

            Lab & ETP Chemical Cost

           Consumable Store

  •   Overheads Required Per Month And Per Annum

         Utilities & Overheads (Power, Water and Fuel Expenses etc.)

             Royalty and Other Charges

            Selling and Distribution Expenses

  •    Salary and Wages

  •    Turnover Per Annum

  •   Share Capital

            Equity Capital

            Preference Share Capital


  •    Annexure 1:: Cost of Project and Means of Finance

  •    Annexure 2::  Profitability and Net Cash Accruals


                Expenses/Cost of Products/Services/Items

                Gross Profit

                Financial Charges     

                Total Cost of Sales

                Net Profit After Taxes

                Net Cash Accruals

  •   Annexure 3 :: Assessment of Working Capital requirements

                Current Assets

                Gross Working. Capital

                Current Liabilities

                Net Working Capital

                Working Note for Calculation of Work-in-process

  •    Annexure 4 :: Sources and Disposition of Funds

  •    Annexure 5 :: Projected Balance Sheets

                ROI (Average of Fixed Assets)

                RONW (Average of Share Capital)

                ROI (Average of Total Assets)

  •    Annexure 6 :: Profitability ratios


                Earnings Per Share (EPS)


             Debt Equity Ratio

        Annexure 7   :: Break-Even Analysis

                Variable Cost & Expenses

                Semi-Var./Semi-Fixed Exp.

                Profit Volume Ratio (PVR)

                Fixed Expenses / Cost 


  •   Annexure 8 to 11:: Sensitivity Analysis-Price/Volume

            Resultant N.P.B.T

            Resultant D.S.C.R

   Resultant PV Ratio

   Resultant DER

  Resultant ROI

          Resultant BEP

  •    Annexure 12 :: Shareholding Pattern and Stake Status

        Equity Capital

        Preference Share Capital

  •   Annexure 13 :: Quantitative Details-Output/Sales/Stocks

        Determined Capacity P.A of Products/Services

        Achievable Efficiency/Yield % of Products/Services/Items 

        Net Usable Load/Capacity of Products/Services/Items   

       Expected Sales/ Revenue/ Income of Products/ Services/ Items   

  •    Annexure 14 :: Product wise domestic Sales Realisation

  •    Annexure 15 :: Total Raw Material Cost

  •    Annexure 16 :: Raw Material Cost per unit

  •    Annexure 17 :: Total Lab & ETP Chemical Cost

  •    Annexure 18  :: Consumables, Store etc.,

  •    Annexure 19  :: Packing Material Cost

  •    Annexure 20  :: Packing Material Cost Per Unit

  •    Annexure 21 :: Employees Expenses

  •    Annexure 22 :: Fuel Expenses

  •    Annexure 23 :: Power/Electricity Expenses

  •    Annexure 24 :: Royalty & Other Charges

  •    Annexure 25 :: Repairs & Maintenance Exp.

  •    Annexure 26 :: Other Mfg. Expenses

  •    Annexure 27 :: Administration Expenses

  •    Annexure 28 :: Selling Expenses

  •    Annexure 29 :: Depreciation Charges – as per Books (Total)

  •   Annexure 30   :: Depreciation Charges – as per Books (P & M)

  •   Annexure 31   :: Depreciation Charges - As per IT Act WDV (Total)

  •   Annexure 32   :: Depreciation Charges - As per IT Act WDV (P & M)

  •   Annexure 33   :: Interest and Repayment - Term Loans

  •   Annexure 34   :: Tax on Profits

  •   Annexure 35   ::Projected Pay-Back Period And IRR