The Complete Technology Book on Wax and Polishes (Formulae, Manufacturing Processes with Machinery & Equipment Details) 2nd Revised Edition ( ) ( Best Seller ) ( ) ( ) ( )
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The Complete Technology Book on Wax and Polishes

(Formulae, Manufacturing Processes with Machinery & Equipment Details)


A wax is a simple lipid that is formed by the esterification of a long-chain alcohol and a fatty acid. The alcohol might have anything from 12 to 32 carbon atoms. Waxes are found as coats on leaves and stems in nature. The wax helps to keep the plant from losing too much water. Waxes are utilized in a variety of applications around the world, including packaging, coatings, cosmetics, foods, adhesives, inks, castings, crayons, chewing gum, polishes, and candles.

Waxing and polishing serve very distinct purposes in terms of process detailing. Waxing is a method of protecting the paint on the exterior of a vehicle. However, Polishing is what is done after a wax to ensure that the vehicle has that glossy shine. Wax does this by smoothing out the painted surface by filling swirls and scratches with a protective coating.

The worldwide wax market is growing at a rate of 2.8 percent per year. Over the forecast period, rising demand for wax in various applications such as candles, packaging, rubber & plastic processing, cosmetics & toiletries, fire logs, adhesives, building boards, medicines, and home & automotive polishes is expected to drive market expansion.

The market for furniture polish is growing at a rate of 5.0 percent per year. Furniture polish is in high demand due to rising need for harm-resistant business and residential settings, increased furniture exports, and increased furniture production. This will propel the global furniture polish market forward. Increased disposable income, as well as government investments in infrastructure development.

The major contents of the book are Vegetable Waxes, Paraffin Wax Compounds, Synthetic Mineral Waxes, Other Mineral Waxes, Polish, Abrasives, Metal Cleaners, Polishes, Microcrystalline Waxes, Photographs of Machinery with Suppliers Contact Details and Plant Layout & Process Flow Chart.

A comprehensive reference to the Wax and Polishes industry's manufacturing and business success. This book serves as a one-stop shop for information on the Wax and Polishes business, which offers several prospects for producers, retailers, and entrepreneurs. This is the only book that covers the entire information of commercial wax and polish manufacture. It provides a feast of how-to knowledge, from concept through equipment purchase.



Chapter I



      Types of Wax

      Characteristic Properties of Waxes

      Chemically Modified Waxes


      Polish Types

      Active Ingredients

Chapter 2

Vegetable Waxes

      Bayberry wax


      Candelilla wax




      Carnauba Wax



      Properties of Braxilian Grades of Carnauba Wax

      Flower wax

      First wax

      Medium wax

      Sandy wax

      Fat wax



      Adulterations of Carnauba Wax

      Cotton wax

      Esparto wax

      Fir Eax

      Propertries of Fir wax

      Flax wax

      Japan wax


      Grades Available

      Ouricury wax



      Grade available


      Palm waxes

      Grade available

      Cuban Palm wax


      Rice-oil wax

      Sugar cane wax


      Constituents of Sugar Cane Wax

      Ucuhuba Wax

      Cocoa Butter

Chapter 3

Paraffin Wax compounds

      Compatibility of paraffin Waxes with Other Substances

      Paraffin wax with Bitumen

Chapter 4

Synthetic Mineral Waxes

      Fischer-Tropsch (F-T) Waxes

      FT-200 and FT-300 Wax


      Hardening Fischer-Tropsch Wax

      Duroxon waxes

      Duroxen Waxes-Group C

      Douroxon Waxes- Group E

      Duroxon Waxes- Group H

      Duroxon Waxes- Group J

      Duroxon Waxes- Group R


      Paraflint as Modifier


Chapter 5

Other Mineral Waxes

      Montan wax


      Production of Montan Wax


      Properties of Montan Wax

      Durmont Waxes

      Uses of Montan Wax

      Modified Montan Waxes

      Lignite wax

      Oxocerite wax


      Manufacture of Ozocerite


      Properties of Ozocerite




      Utah wax

      Peat wax

Chapter 6

Polish, Abrasives, metal Cleaners

      Abrasive Compound

      Brass, Refinishing Corroded

      Cellulose-Friction Polishes

      Flatting Paste Emulsions

      Finishing Floor Wax

      Liquid Floor wax (Rubbing Type)

      Wood Floor Finish

      Furniture polishes

      Leather Belt Polish

      Leather Dressings

      Leather Finish

      Metal Polish

      Tank A

      Tank B

      Pipe Oil Metal Polish

      Nickel Silver Castings, Cleaning

      Non-Caking Shoe Dressings

      Dyeing "Shoe" Plush Brown

      Shoe Polish

      Synthetic Spinel

      Sand Papers and Emery Papers

      Abrasive Wheels

      Automobile Polish

      Furniture Polish

      Polishing Cloth

      Oil Polish for Furniture

      Furniture Polish

      Removing Scratches from Furnishes

      Non-slippery Floor wax

      Floor Finish

      Floor sweeping Compound for Polished Floors

      Wood-Preserving and Finishing

      "Italian" Powder for Polishing Marble

      Colored Burnishing Clay

      Sharpening Compositions

      Aluminium Polish

      Directions for use

      Non Scouring Copper Polish

      Automobile Polish (Tumbler's)

      High Luster Polish for Shoes

      Sporting Shoe dressings, paste

      Notes on Cleaning White Shoes

      Shoe White (Water Type)

      Shoe White (Waterproof Type)

      Cleansing and Polishing compositions


      Automobile Polishes(oils)

      Automobile-Polishes (Pastes)

      Automobile Polishes

      Metal Polish Pastes

      Metal Polishing Cloths

      Polishing Metals for Metallographic Analysis

      Aluminum Polish Powders

      Liquid Polishes for Iron or Steel

      Polish for Silver, Nickel, Brass, Chromium, etc.

      Silver Polishes

      Liquid Silver Polishes

      Removing Silver Tarnish

      Silver Polishing Cloths

      Wax Paste Stove Polish

      Quick Drying Stove Polish

      Water-Resistant Floor Emulsion Polish

      Rubless Bright Drying Water Wax Polishes

      Semi Bright Drying Wax Emulsion Polishes

      Floor Polish Powders

      Floor Mop Oil

      French Polishing

      Cleaning and Polishing Table

      Ski wax

      Paste for Wax Calf Leather

      Leather Cleaning and Polishing stick

      Types of Cleaners

      White Shoe Polish

      White Leatehr polish

      Shoe Polishes

      Polishing, Lapping and Tumbling


      Poolishing Wheels

      Metal Polish

      Liquid metal polishes

      Paste Metal Polish

      Wax Polish for varnished metals

      Fine instrument scale polish

      Polishing by barrel Toumbling

      Barrel Tumbling material

      Stove Polishes

      Sodium silicate Solutions

      Artrificial Graphite

      Stove Polishes

      Dance Floor Polishes

      Bright Drying Floor Polishes

      Emulsified Floor waxes

      Wax for polishes

      White Shoe Polishes

      Oil Polish

      Burnishing Polishes for Automobile Maintenance

      Silver Polish

      Jewelry Polish

      Bright Drying Floor Polish

      Floor Treatments

      Wood Floors

      Floor Waxes or Polishes

      Cement (Concrete)Floors

      Vitreous Tile or Ceramic and Terrazzo Floors

      Marble and Travertine Floors

      Linoleum Floorings

      Rubber Floors

      Cork Tile and Cork Carpet Floorings

      Asphalt Tile and mastic Floors

      Plastic magnesia Cement Floors

      Slate Tile Floors

      Bonded Abrasive Wheels

      Removing Scratches from Glass

Chapter 7


      Heavy Duty Floor Polish

      Carnauba Base Floor Polish

      Silicon Furniture Polish

      Liquid Floor polish

      Bright Drying Floor Wax

      Silicone Polishing Cloth

      Mineral Oil Emulsion Polish

      Aesrosol Polish

      Aerosol waxeless Polish

      Auto Cleaner Polish

      Ball Bearing Polish

      Metal Polish

      Silver Polish (Dip)

      Antislaking Buffing Composition

      Abrasive Vehicle (Oil)

      Insectidal Floor Wax

      Opaque-White Nonrrubbing Floor Wax

      Floor-Wax Emulsion

      Non-Rubbing Floor Wax

      Water Emulsion paste Waxes

      Liquid Solvent Waxes

      Solvent-Type paste Waxes and Shoe Polishes

      Stable Wax-Solvent Floor Polish

      Liquid Solvent Floor wax

      Buffing Compound

      Metal Abrasive

      Paste Wax Polish (Auto wax)

      (Floor and Furniture wax)

      Liquid Wax Polish

      Auto Polish

      Glass Polish

      Oven polish

      Silver Polish

      Metal Polishing Cloth

      Chromium Polish

      Leather Polish

      Liquid Leather Polish

      Paste Leather Polish

      Shoe Polish Paste (for Tubing)

      Shoe Creams

      Furniture Polish

      Floor Wax Remover

      Bright Drying Floor Polish (Emulsion) (Rubbers)

      Floor wax

      Diamond abrasive

      Synthetic Abrasive

      Auto Rubbing compounds

      Buffing Compounds

      Cream Buffing  Wax

      Automobile polish

      Metal Cleaning and Polishing Cloth

      Metal Polish

      Furniture Polish

      Furniture Cleaner and Polish

      Floor Polish

      Dance Floor Wax

      Oil Polishes

      Wax Polishes

      Wax Paste Polish

      Rubber Polishes

      Rubber Wax Floor Polish

      Method 1

      Method 2


      Triethanolamine Water-Resistant Rubless Polish

      Morpholine Water-Resistant Rubless Polish

      Method 1

      Method 2

      Resin, Shellac, Casein Dispersions

      Natural Resin Dispersions

      Preparation of Formula No.1.

      Preparation of Formula No. 2

      Shellac Dispersion

      Casein Dispersion

      Polishing Paste

      Diamond Dust Abrasive

      Abrasive Cleaner

      Lens Polishing Powder

      Polishing Powder

      Smoothing Compound for Lucite and Plexiglas

      Polishing Compound for Lucite and Plexiglas

      Tumbling Barrel Polish

      French Polish Base

      Black Paste Shoe Polish

      Soft Leather Polish

      Rubber Foot wear Polish

      Rubless  Floor Wax

      Bright-Drying Floor Wax Emulsion

      Durez Wax Base

      Floor Polish

      Dance-floor Wax

      Furniture Polish

      Perfume for Furniture Polish

      Paste Waxes

      Black Shoe Polish

      Leather Polish

      Polish for Edging Leather Straps

      Automobile Polish

      Automobile Polish and Cleaner

      Automobile Finish Haze Remover

      Automobile Hand-Rubbing Compound

      Stone and Porcelain Polish

      Glass Wax Polish

      Optical-glass Polish

      Rough Diamond-Polish Substitute

      Lapping Compound

      Stove Polishing Stick

      Gold Polish

      Silver Polish

      General Metal Polish

      Brass Polish

      Brass and Bronze Cleaner and Polish

      Brass, Nickel, and Chrome Polish

      Brass-Buffing Soil Cleaner

      Tripoli-Buffing Composition for Brass

      Tripoli-cut-and-color Composition for Brass

      White-Lime- cut-and-color Composition for Brass

      Red Oxide Color Composition for Brass

      Metal-Buffing Compound


      Silver Polish

      Metal Polish

      Rust-Preventing Metal Polish

      Chemical Nickel Polish

      Glass and Metal Polish

      Electric Shaver Sharpening Paste

      Glass-Grinding Fluid

      Abrasive Diamond Paste

      Silicone Furniture Polish

      Silicone Auto Polish

      Silicone Cleaner Polish

      Silicone Wax Polish

      Furniture Polish

      Solvent-type Paste Floor Polish

      Solvent-Type paste Wax Polishes

      Liquid Type wax Polishes

      Floor-Polish Paste

      Buiffing Paste Polish

      Oil Polish

      Paste Shoe Polish

      Liquid White shoe dressing

Chapter 8

Microcrystalline Waxes

      Differences between microcrystalline and paraffin waxes

      Fractional crystallization of petroleum waxes

      Properties of Microcorystalline waxes

      Melting point


      Laminating properties of Microcrystalline waxes

      Miscibility with additives


      Specific Gravity at various Temperatures

      Thermal Expansion and Melting point of waxes

      Oxidized microcroystalline waxes

      Emulsifiable Microcrystalline waxes

      Petrolatum wax

      Uses of Microcrystalline waxes

      Drum Linings

      Vat Linings

      Miscellaneous data

      Properties of some commercial Microcrystalline waxe

      Amsco waxes

      Aristo Waxes

      Bareco waxes

      Bareco Hard Waxes

      Bareco Plastic waxes

      Bareco Emulsifiable waxes

      Bareco Synthetic waxes

      Electrical Properties of Bareco waxes

      Be Square Waxes

      Mobil  Waxes

      Multi Waxes

      Pearl Waxes

      Sova Waxes

      Super Flex Waxes

      WarWick Waxes

Chapter 9

Photographs of Machinery with

   Suppliers Contact Details

Chapter 10

Photographs Plant Layout & Process  Flow Chart




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Ø  Introduction

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·         Project Objective and Strategy

·         Concise History of the Product

·         Properties

·         BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) Provision & Specification

·         Uses & Applications


Ø  Market Study and Assessment

·         Current Indian Market Scenario

·         Present Market Demand and Supply

·         Estimated Future Market Demand and Forecast

·         Statistics of Import & Export

·         Names & Addresses of Existing Units (Present Players)

·         Market Opportunity


Ø  Raw Material

·         List of Raw Materials

·         Properties of Raw Materials

·         Prescribed Quality of Raw Materials

·         List of Suppliers and Manufacturers


Ø  Personnel (Manpower) Requirements

·         Requirement of Staff & Labor (Skilled and Unskilled) Managerial, Technical, Office Staff and Marketing Personnel


Ø  Plant and Machinery

·         List of Plant & Machinery

·         Miscellaneous Items

·         Appliances & Equipments

·         Laboratory Equipments & Accessories

·         Electrification

·         Electric Load & Water

·         Maintenance Cost

·         Sources of Plant & Machinery (Suppliers and Manufacturers)


Ø  Manufacturing Process and Formulations

·         Detailed Process of Manufacture with Formulation

·         Packaging Required

·         Process Flow Sheet Diagram


Ø  Infrastructure and Utilities

·         Project Location

·         Requirement of Land Area

·         Rates of the Land

·         Built Up Area

·         Construction Schedule

·         Plant Layout and Requirement of Utilities


Project at a Glance

Along with financial details as under:


  •     Assumptions for Profitability workings

  •    Plant Economics

  •    Production Schedule

  •    Land & Building

            Factory Land & Building

            Site Development Expenses

  •    Plant & Machinery

             Indigenous Machineries

            Other Machineries (Miscellaneous, Laboratory etc.)

  •    Other Fixed Assets

            Furniture & Fixtures

            Pre-operative and Preliminary Expenses

            Technical Knowhow

            Provision of Contingencies

  •   Working Capital Requirement Per Month

             Raw Material

            Packing Material

            Lab & ETP Chemical Cost

           Consumable Store

  •   Overheads Required Per Month And Per Annum

         Utilities & Overheads (Power, Water and Fuel Expenses etc.)

             Royalty and Other Charges

            Selling and Distribution Expenses

  •    Salary and Wages

  •    Turnover Per Annum

  •   Share Capital

            Equity Capital

            Preference Share Capital


  •    Annexure 1:: Cost of Project and Means of Finance

  •    Annexure 2::  Profitability and Net Cash Accruals


                Expenses/Cost of Products/Services/Items

                Gross Profit

                Financial Charges     

                Total Cost of Sales

                Net Profit After Taxes

                Net Cash Accruals

  •   Annexure 3 :: Assessment of Working Capital requirements

                Current Assets

                Gross Working. Capital

                Current Liabilities

                Net Working Capital

                Working Note for Calculation of Work-in-process

  •    Annexure 4 :: Sources and Disposition of Funds

  •    Annexure 5 :: Projected Balance Sheets

                ROI (Average of Fixed Assets)

                RONW (Average of Share Capital)

                ROI (Average of Total Assets)

  •    Annexure 6 :: Profitability ratios


                Earnings Per Share (EPS)


             Debt Equity Ratio

        Annexure 7   :: Break-Even Analysis

                Variable Cost & Expenses

                Semi-Var./Semi-Fixed Exp.

                Profit Volume Ratio (PVR)

                Fixed Expenses / Cost 


  •   Annexure 8 to 11:: Sensitivity Analysis-Price/Volume

            Resultant N.P.B.T

            Resultant D.S.C.R

   Resultant PV Ratio

   Resultant DER

  Resultant ROI

          Resultant BEP

  •    Annexure 12 :: Shareholding Pattern and Stake Status

        Equity Capital

        Preference Share Capital

  •   Annexure 13 :: Quantitative Details-Output/Sales/Stocks

        Determined Capacity P.A of Products/Services

        Achievable Efficiency/Yield % of Products/Services/Items 

        Net Usable Load/Capacity of Products/Services/Items   

       Expected Sales/ Revenue/ Income of Products/ Services/ Items   

  •    Annexure 14 :: Product wise domestic Sales Realisation

  •    Annexure 15 :: Total Raw Material Cost

  •    Annexure 16 :: Raw Material Cost per unit

  •    Annexure 17 :: Total Lab & ETP Chemical Cost

  •    Annexure 18  :: Consumables, Store etc.,

  •    Annexure 19  :: Packing Material Cost

  •    Annexure 20  :: Packing Material Cost Per Unit

  •    Annexure 21 :: Employees Expenses

  •    Annexure 22 :: Fuel Expenses

  •    Annexure 23 :: Power/Electricity Expenses

  •    Annexure 24 :: Royalty & Other Charges

  •    Annexure 25 :: Repairs & Maintenance Exp.

  •    Annexure 26 :: Other Mfg. Expenses

  •    Annexure 27 :: Administration Expenses

  •    Annexure 28 :: Selling Expenses

  •    Annexure 29 :: Depreciation Charges – as per Books (Total)

  •   Annexure 30   :: Depreciation Charges – as per Books (P & M)

  •   Annexure 31   :: Depreciation Charges - As per IT Act WDV (Total)

  •   Annexure 32   :: Depreciation Charges - As per IT Act WDV (P & M)

  •   Annexure 33   :: Interest and Repayment - Term Loans

  •   Annexure 34   :: Tax on Profits

  •   Annexure 35   ::Projected Pay-Back Period And IRR