The Complete Technology Book on Herbal Beauty Products (Cosmetic Industry) with Formulations, Manufacturing Process, Machinery Equipment Details & Plant Layout (3rd Edition) ( New Arrival ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )
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The Complete Technology Book on

Herbal Beauty Products (Cosmetic Industry)

with Formulations, Manufacturing Process, Machinery Equipment Details & Plant Layout

(2nd Edition)

Herbs from India and their significance are well-known around the world. Herbal Beauty Products are in high demand on the global market and are a priceless gift from nature. Herbal formulations have always piqued interest due to their high activity and, in comparison to synthetic medications, fewer or no negative effects. Herbs and spices have long been used to improve and maintain human beauty. Extensive herbal beauty treatments were once performed in India's royal palaces to heighten sensual appeal and preserve general hygiene. Herbal Oil, Herbal Perfume, herbal conditioner, herbal soap, herbal shampoo, and other herbal cosmetics are created and used on a daily basis. They are gentle on the skin because they are manufactured with botanical components that are high in natural vitamins and antioxidants. With time, they will only make skin healthier and gentler.

The demand in the herbal beauty products market will grow at approximately 6.1% CAGR. The target market nearly holds ~5.9% share in the overall beauty products industry. Increasing focus on healthy skin and hair and surging demand for natural remedies has positioned the herbal beauty products market. The increased demand for chemical-free hair and skin products along with growing awareness about cruelty-free cosmetics products is supporting the market growth. The significant rise in the influence of social media and beauty blogs that are communicating the benefits of herbal Cosmetics products is likely to influence sales of herbal beauty products. The availability of the various types of herbal beauty products and improving distribution networks are playing a key role to drive market growth.

The book covers a wide range of topics connected to Herbal Beauty Products, as well as their formula. It also includes contact information for machinery suppliers, as well as images of equipment and plant layout.

A comprehensive reference to manufacturing and entrepreneurship in the Herbal Beauty Products business. This book is a one-stop shop for everything you need to know about the Herbal Beauty Products manufacturing industry, which is ripe with potential for manufacturers, merchants, and entrepreneurs. This is the only comprehensive guide to commercial herbal cosmetics manufacture. It provides a feast of how-to knowledge, from concept through equipment purchase.


Table of Contents

1. INTRODUCTION .............................................................................................1

1.1. Preparation of Herbal Cosmetics

1.1.1. Botanicals

1.1.2. Colouring Ingredients

1.2.          Benefits

2. HERBAL BATH PRODUCTS..........................................................................7

2.1. The Herbal Bath

2.2. Floating Herbal Bath Oils

2.2.1. Floating Bath Oil Formula

2.3. Dispersing Bath Oils

2.3.1 Dispersing Bath Formula

2.4. Herbal Bath Vinegar

2.4.1. Vinegar Oil Formula

2.4.2. Two-Layered Vinegar Oil Formula

2.5. Aromatic Bath Salts

2.5.1. Aromatic Bath Salts Formula

2.6. Herbal Combinations for the Bath

2.6.1. Steam Baths

2.6.2. An Herbal Bath Experience

2.6.3. Foot or Hand Bath

2.6.4. Herbal Body Powders Aromatic Baby Powder Formula Lavender Sunrise Body Powder Formula Men's Powder Formula Foot Powder Formula

3. HERBAL HAIR CARE PRODUCTS............................................................ 15

3.1. Normal Hair

3.2. Dry Hair

3.3. Oily Hair

3.4. Shampoo

3.4.1. Herbal Shampoo Formula

3.4.2. Herbal Hair Rinse Formula

3.5. Herbal Hair Treatment Formulas

3.5.1. Scalp Treatment Formula

3.5.2. Herbs for Hair Care Formula

3.5.3. Essential Oils for Hair Care Formula

3.5.4. Lice Treatment Formula

3.5.5. Baldness Treatment Formula Hair-Growth Formula

3.6. An Herbal Miscellany

3.6.1. Nail Care Formula

3.6.2. Antifungal Nail Oil Formula

3.6.3. Herbal Conditioning Nail Soak Formula

3.7. Natural Deodorant

4. AYURVEDIC & HERBAL MASSAGE PRODUCTS .................................. 22

4.1. Legal Implications and Safety Precautions

4.2. Extra Touches

4.3. Special Types of Massage

4.4. Cellulite Massage

4.4.1. Cellulite Formula

4.5. Pregnancy Massage

4.5.1. Oil For a Pregnant Belly

4.6. Muscle Massage

4.6.1. Muscle Massage Oil Formula

4.7. Facial Massage

4.8. Baby Massage

4.8.1. Herbal Baby Oil Formula

4.8.2. Tummy-Rub Oil Formula

4.9. Spot Massage and Liniments

4.9.1 Liniments Formula

4.10. The Herbal Therapy Massage
4.11. Heart and Circulation
4.11.1. Formula for Varicose Veins
4.12. Digestive System
4.12.1 Tummy Soother Massage Oil Formula
4.12.2 Digestive Tonic Tea Formula
4.12.3 Natural Ginger Ale Formula
4.13. Bowel Problems
4.13.1. Liver Tonic Formula
4.14. Respiratory System
4.14.1. Homemade Nasal Inhaler Formula
4.14.2. Disinfectant Room Spray Formula
4.14.3. Throat Spray/Gargle Formula
4.14.4. Vapor Balm Formula
4.14.5. Poultice Formula
4.15. Musculoskeletal System
4.15.1. Pain Formula
4.16. Nervous System
4.16.1. Relaxing/Antidepressant Formula
4.16.2. Neuralgia Relief Formula

4.17. Glandular System
4.17.1. Adrenal Support Formula
4.18. Urinary Tract
4.18.1. Bladder Infection Relief Formula
4.19. Reproductive System
4.20. PMS and Menstrual Cramps
4.20.1. Menstrual Cramp Oil Formula
4.21. Yeast Infections
4.21.1. Yeast Relief Formula
4.22. Vaginal Bolus
4.22.1. Bolus Recipe Formula
4.23. Poor Circulation
4.24. Menopause
4.25. Nine Essential Oils for Women's Complaints
4.26. Pregnancy
4.27. Lactation
4.28. Prostatitis
4.28.1. Prostate Oil Formula
4.28.2. Male Hormonal Tonic Formula
4.29. Viral Skin Infections Formula
4.29.1. Genital-Wart Oil
4.30. Herpes
4.30.1. Herpes Formula
4.31. Miscellaneous Complaints–
Cuts and Scrapes
4.31.1. Antiseptic Skin Spray Formula
4.32. Fungal Infections
4.32.1. Antifungal Powder Formula
4.32.2. Soak Those Pups Formula
4.33. Rashes Caused By Poisonous Plants
4.33.1. Poison Oak/Ivy/Sumac Remedy Formula
4.34. Inflammation and Burns
4.34. 1. Sunburn Spray Formula
4.35. Insect Bites and Other Critter Attacks
4.35.1. First-Aid Remedy Formula
4.35.2. Clay Poultice Formula
4.35.3. Insect-Aside Bug Repellant Formula
4.35.4. Cootie Oil Formula
4.36. Ears and Eyes
4.36.1. Aromatherapy Ear Rub Formula
4.36.2. Herbal Ear Oil Formula
4.37. Boosting Immunity
4.37.1. Basic Immune Tonic Blend Formula
4.38. Children
4.38.1. Tummy-Rub Oil Formula
4.38.2. Neck Wrap Formula
4.38.3. Dilly Pillow Formula
5. HERBAL PERFUMES FORMULATION ................................................... 56

5.1. Handkerchief Essences

5.2. Compound Essences

5.3. Forget-Me-Not

5.4. Remember-Me

5.5. Sir Walter Scott

5.6. Essence Jasmine

5.7. Glori Daucher

5.8. Kiss-Me-Quick

5.9. Jockey Club

5.10. Musk Rose
5.11. Essence Victoria
5.12. American Beauty
5.13. Essence Tuberose Lily
5.14. Essence Rose
5.15. Nizam Monte Cristo
5.16. Sultana
5.17. Lavenia
5.18. Jung Bahadur
5.19. Jubilee Rajanigandha
5.20. Madhumalati
5.21. Cananga Kusum
5.22. Marsenil
5.23. Lily Blossom
5.24. Chandra Mallika
5.25. Cherry Laurel
5.26. Emperor
5.27. Cashmere Bakul
5.28. Coronation
5.29. Cherry Vanilla
5.30. Prince Rose
5.31. Bouqet Empress
5.32. Durbar
5.33. Viceroy Verbena
5.34. Napoleon Lily
5.35. Chypre
5.36. Heliotrope
5.37. Essence Bouquet

5.38. Lilac
5.39. Hyacinth
5.40. Bridal Bouquet
5.41. Oriental Bouquet
6. FLOWER BASED HERBAL PERFUMES FORMULAE .......................... 72

6.1. Rose Formula’s

6.1.2. Rose No.1
6.1.3. Rose F
6.1.4. Rose H
6.1.5. Rose Rouge
6.1.6. Rose Blanehe
6.1.7. Rose M S

6.2. Jasmin Formula’s

6.2.1. Jasmin No. 1

6.2.2. Jasmin No. 2
6.2.3. Jasmin Fantasy No. 3
6.2.4. Jasmonone No. 4
6.2.5. Jasmonone No. 4a
6.2.6. Jasmin Base No. 5
6.2.7. Jasmin Base No. 5a

6.3.  Orangeflower and Nerol Formula’s

6.3.1. Orangeflower A

6.3.2. Neroli A

6.4. Violet Formula’s

6.4.1. Violet No.1
6.4.2. Violet No. 2
6.4.3. Parma Violets Absolute, Art
6.4.4. Violet Base

6.5. Acacia

6.6. Broom

6.7. Carnation Formula’s

6.7.1. Base Claveline No.1

6.7.2. Base Claveline No. 2

6.7.3. Oeillet De Nice No. 3

6.7.4. Carnation Flowers No. 4
6.7.5. Oeillet Des Dunes No. 5

6.8. Cyclamen

6.9. Fougere (Fern) Formula’s

6.9.1. Fougers No. 1

6.9.1. Fougere No. 2
6.10. Gardenia Formula’s
6.10.1. Gardenia No. 1
6.10.2. Gardenia No. 2
6.10.3. Gardenia FS
6.11. Hawthorn
6.12. Heliotrope
6.13. Honeysuckle Formula’s
6.13.1. Chevrefeuille No. 1
6.14. Hyacinth Formula’s
6.14.1 Hyacinth No. 1
6.15. Iris
6.16. Lilac Formula’s
6.16.1. Lilac Base 1
6.16.2. Lilac No. 2
6.16.3. Lilac No. 3
6.17. Lily-of-The-Valley Formula’s
6.17.1. Muguet No. 1
6.17.2. Muguet No. 2
6.18. Linden (Lime Blossom) Formula’s
6.18.1. Tillual No. 1
6.19. Magnolia
6.20. Mignonette (Reseda) Formula’s
6.20.1 Reseda No. 1
6.21. Mimosa
6.22. Narcissus Formula’s
6.22.1. Base Narceine No. 1
6.22.2. Narcissus No. 2
6.23. Nardo
6.24. New-Mown Hay
6.25. Nicotiana
6.26. Opopanax Formula’s
6.26.1. Opopanax Art. L
6.27. Orchid (Orchidee)
6.28. Pansy
6.29. Peony
6.30. Phlox
6.31. Stockes
6.32. Sweet Pea Formula’s
6.32.1. Pois De Senteure No. 1
6.32.2. Sweet Pea No. 2
6.33. Syringa (Philadelphus) Formula’s
6.33.1. Aldehyde G Blend
6.33.2. Syringa No. 1

6.34. Trefle (Clover) Formula’s
6.34.1. Trefle No. 1
6.35. Tuberose Formula’s
6.35.1. Base Tuberose No. 1
6.35.2. Base Tuberose No. 2 ('Tuberic Alcohol')
6.35.3. Tuberose No. 3
6.36. Verbena Formula’s
6.36.1. Verveine No. 1
6.37. Wallflower
6.38. Wistaria
6.39. Ylang-Ylang Formula’s
6.39.1. Ylang No. 1
7. SPECIAL TYPE HERBAL PERFUME FORMULAS...............................116
7.1. Bergamot-Vanilla Base
7.2. Aldehydic Base A. 1
7.3. Aldehydic Base A. 2
7.4. Curacao Base
7.5. Cuir Base C. 1
7.6. Cuir Base 2
7.7. Woody Base B. 1
7.8. Moss Base M. 1
7.9. Base 1. 5
7.10. Moss Base M. 2
7.11. Floral Bouquest Perfumes
7.11.1. Perfume QH NP. 1
7.11.2. Bouvardia BM
7.11.3. Perfume AO
7.11.4. Perfume TL
7.11.5. Perfume F
7.11.6. Perfume HB
7.11.7. Perfume AR
7.12. Aldehydic Perfumes
7.12.1. Perfume VN
7.12.1. Perfume C
7.12.3. Perfume SP
7.13. Chypre Types
7.13.1. Perfume C. 2
7.13.2. Base Chypre H
7.13.3. Perfume MD
7.13.4. Chypre 1. D.
7.13.5. Perfume V. W.
7.13.6. Base S.H.

7.13.7. Perfume J
7.14. Green Perfumes
7.14.1. Hyacinth Green Base No. 10
7.14.2. Perfume P No. 2
7.15. Dominant Note Types
7.15.1. Perfume D
7.16. The Ambergris Note
7.16.1. Perfume BM
7.17. Manufacturing Processes
7.18. Alcoholic Strengths
7.19. Control

8.1. Mode of Preparation

8.2. Rose Formula

8.3. Sandal Formula

8.4. Lavender Formula

8.5. Lily Formula

8.6. Henna Formula

8.7. Khus Formula

8.8. Violet Formula

8.9. Cherry Laurel Formula

8.10. Tuberose Formula
8.11. Bela Formula
8.12. Jasmine Formula
8.13. Champaka Formula
8.14. Bakul Formula
8.15. Rose
8.16. Ordinary Formula

9.1. Hair Lotions

9.2. Cantharides Lotion

9.3. Millefleurs Lotion

9.4. Hungary Lotion

9.5. Lavenia Lotion

9.6. Odour Delectabilis

9.7. Hair Stimulating Lotion

9.8. Lipsticks

9.9. Pomades

9.10. The Mode of Preparation
9.11. Pomade A La Rose
9.12. Pomade A La Jasmine

9.13. Vanishing Cream
9.14. Cold Cream
9.15. Face Powders
9.16. Talcum Toilet Powder
9.17. Face Lotion
9.18. Sun Burn Lotion
9.19. Hair Curling Lotion
9.20. Nail Polishes
9.21. Finger-Tip Colouring
9.22. Freckle Lotion
9.23. Rouge Sticks
9.24. Hair Fixative
9.25. Non-Greasy Hair Cream
9.26. Cantharides Hair Wash
9.27. Coconut Oil Shampoo
9.28. Lime Juice Cream
9.29. Lime Juice Glycerine
9.30. Wrinkle Remover
9.31. Bindi Liquid
9.32. Bindi Stick
9.33. Liquid Brilliantine
9.34. Corn Salve
9.35. Stick Cosmetic
9.36. Scent Cards
9.37. Perfume Tablet
10. HERBAL SKIN-CARE PRODUCTS ..........................................................176
10.1. Cleansers Formula
10.1.1. Dry-Skin Cleansing Solution
10.1.2. Oily-Skin Cleansing Solution
10.2. Exfoliants Formula
10.2.1. Facial Scrub
10.2.2. Herbal Scrub for Teenage Skin
10.3. Facial Steams Formula
10.3.1. The Basic Recipe
10.4. Facial Masks Formula
10.4.1. Mask for Dry Skin
10.4.2. Mask for Oily Skin
10.4.3. Mask for Acne Skin
10.4.4. Intensive Treatment For Acne
10.4.5. Mask for Combination Skin
10.4.6. Exfoliating Mask for All Skin Types

10.5. Toners Formula
10.5.1. Toner for Oily or Problem Skin
10.5.2. Toner for Dry or Mature Skin
10.5.3. Toner for Delicate or Couperose Skin
10.6. Astrigent Lotions Formula’s For All Skin Types
10.6.1. Lemon Astrigent Lotion
10.6.2. Nutmeg Astrigent Lotion
10.6.3. Sandalwood Astrigent Lotion
10.6.4. Rosemary Astrigent Lotion
10.6.5. Lilly Astrigent Lotion
10.6.6. Witch Hazel Astrigent Lotion
10.6.7. Peppermint Astrigent Lotion
10.6.8 Anti-Dandruff Preparations
10.6.9. Anti-Dandruff Lemon Preparations
10.6.10 Anti-Dandruff Sesame Preparations
10.6.11. Night Creams
10.6.12. Apple Night Cream
10.6.13. Almond Night Cream
10.6.14. Nourishing Creams/ Day Time Creams
10.6.15. Anti-Wrinkle Cucumber Cream
10.6.16. Anti-Wrinkle Apricot Cream
10.7. Sunscreen Lotions Formula’s For All Types of Skin
10.7.1. Lime Complexion Lotion
10.7.2. Lavender Complexion Lotion
10.7.3. Almond Complexion Lotion
10.7.4. Sesame Complexion Lotion
10.7.5. Brooke Lime Complexion Lotion
10.7.6. Lime Shampoo
10.7.7. Lavender Shampoo
10.7.8. Sandalwood Shampoo
10.7.9. Neem Shampoo
10.7.10. Methi-Shikakai Shampoo
10.7.11. Face Packs for Dry Skin
10.7.12. Egg Face Pack
10.7.13. Face Pack for Oily Skin
10.7.14. Face Pack for Patchy Skin
10.7.15. Red Elm Face Pack
10.8. Skin Toning Lotions Formula
10.8.1. Sunflower Skin Toning Lotion
10.8.2. Cleansing Creams/Cold Creams
10.8.3. Oatmeal Cleansing Cream
10.8.4. Chamomile Cleansing Cream
10.8.5. Face Packs or Face Masks

10.8.6. Face Packs for Normal Skin
10.8.7. Bail Fruit Face Pack
10.8.8. Herbal Tea-I
10.8.9. Herbal Tea-II
10.8.10. Herbal Tea-III
10.8.11. Herbal Tea-IV
10.8.11. Herbal Tea-V
10.8.13. Herbal Tea-VI
10.9. Herbal Tooth Paste Formula
Arodent Gum & Dental Paste Formula
10.10. Medimix - Herbal Soap Formula
10.11. Sualin - Herbal Tablet for Cough & Cold Formula
10.12. Herbal Cosmetic Embodiment Containing Aloe Vera Formula
10.13. Detailed Description of the Preferred Embodiment
10.14.Skin Therapeutic Mixture Containing Aloe Vera Extract
10.15. Decongestant Composition Containing Aloe Vera Formula
10.16. Therapeutic Skin Lotion Formula
10.17. Therapeutic Skin Gel Formula
10.18. Therapeutic Body Cleansing Lather Formula
10.19. Herbal Tooth Paste Containing Aloe Vera Formula
1. Activation of Blood Circulation
2. Anaemia & Weakness
3. Arthritis & Rheumatism
4. Asthma Bronchitis
5. Brain Tonic
6. Cancer
7. Chronic Constipation
8. Chronic Fever
9. Cough & Cold
10. Cysts
11. Dental Diseases
12. Diabetes
13. Diarrhoea & Dysentery
14. Epilepsy & Hysteria
15. Eye Tonic
16. Female Sterility
17. Fistula
18. Fractures & Dislocation of Bones
19. Gastritis
20. General Health Tonic

21. Hair Problems
22. Heart Tonic
23. High Blood Pressure
24. Hyper Acidity & Peptic Ulcer
25. Impotency
26. Indigestion & Lack of Appetite
27. Intestinal Worms
28. Leucoderma
29. Leucorrhoea
30. Liver Tonic
31. Male Sterility
32. Migraine
33. Obesity
34. Paralysis
35. Piles
36. Prostate Enlargement
37. Sexual Debility
38. Skin Diseases & Allergy
39. Sleeplessness
40. Stones in Urinary Tract
41. Throat Diseases
42. Thyroid Problems
43. Anaemia & Weakness
44. Anaemia & Weakness
(Anaemia in Pregnant Women)
45. Analgesic & Antiinflammatory
46. Anthelmintics (Antiameobic, Antiworms)
47. Anti-Fungal & Anti-Bacterial
48. Anti Histaminics
49. Arthritis & Rheumatism
50. Asthma Bronchitis
51. Asthma Bronchitis + Allergy
52. Brain Tonic
53. Cholesterol
54. Cold and Cough
55. Diabetes-I
56. Diabetes-Ii
57. Diarrhoea & Dysentery
58. Female Disorders
59. Fever & Cold
60. Fractures & Dislocation of Bones
61. General Health Tonic
62. High Blood Pressure

63. Indigestion & Lack of Appetite
64. Lactation-I
65. Lactation-Ii
66. Laxative-I
67. Laxative-Ii
68. Liver Tonic
69. Obesity
70. Piles
71. Respiratory Congestion
72. Spondylitis
73. Throat Diseases
74. Urinary Infection
75. Uterine-I
76. Uterine-Ii
77. Vigor & Vitality-I
78. Vigor & Vitality-Ii
79. Vigor & Vitality-Iii
80. Vigor & Vitality-Iv
81. Allergy
82. Arthritis
83. Asthma
84. Blood Purifier
85. Brain Tonic
86. Common Cold
87. Cough & Cold
88. Dental Problem
89. Diabetes
90. Diarrhoea
91. Digestive
92. General Health
93. Heart Tonic-I
94. Heart Tonic-Ii
95. Indigestion & Lack of Appetite
96. Impotency
97. Iron-Calcium Tablets
98. Lactation in Animals
99. Laxative
100. Liver Restorative-I
101. Liver Restorative-Ii
102. Malaria
103. Muscles and Bones
104. Nervotonic
105. Obesity & Strengthen Heart Muscles

106. Spasmodic
107. Urinary Stones and Crystalluria
108. Uterine
109. Vitality & Power
110. Aids
111. Anti-Malarial
112. Baby Health Tonic
113. Blood Purifier
114. Bronchial Asthma
115. Cardiovascular
116. Cough Reliever-I
117. Cough Reliever-II
118. Cough Reliever-III
119. Diarrohoea
120. Female Disorders
121. General Health Tonic
122. Gastritis
123. Liver Restorative
124. Memory Tonic
125. Cold and Cough Cream
126. Piles Ointment-I
127. Piles Ointment-II
128. General Skin Care Cream
129. Burn Ointment
130. Balm
131. Baby Massage Oil
132. Breast Tone up Gel
133. Hair Dry Shampoo
134 Skin Stretch Ointment
135. Mouth Ulcer Cream
136. Skin Powder
137. Paraplegia
138. Skin Diseases
139. Balachatur Bhadraka
140. Heart Disease
141. Kumari Asava (use in Ashtma)
142. Amritashtakapachana (Dysetry, Diarrhoea)
143. Demulcent in Irritation
144. Epilepsy
145. Rheumatism and Gout
146. Skin Diseases / Malaria
147. Ulceration of Skin
148. Dysentery

149. Heart Diseases / Leprosy
150. Nervous Diseases / Rheumatism / Lumbago
151. Irritation & Fever
152. Disordered Mensuration
153. Flatulency, Diarrhoea, Vomiting
154. Remittent Fevers
155. Bronchitis & Pneumonia
156. Fevers, Melancholia
157. Diseases of Genito-Urinary Organ
158. Urinary Disorders
159. Chronic Diarrhoea / Dyspepsia
160. Fever, Diarrhoea / Dysentry
161. Cough / Asthma / Phthisis
162. Tetanus
163. Vomiting
164. Fever and Cough
165. Cough and Asthma
166. Vomiting / Nausea
167. Facial Paralysis
168. Anthelmintic Powder
169. Relieve Pain of Inflammatory Swellings
170. Jaundice & Anasarca
171. Hemiplegia & Facial Paralysis
172. Diuretic and Demulcent Mixture
173. Diaphoretic and Diuretic Tonic
174. Leucorrhoea
175. Cathartic and Anthelmintic
176. Diarrhoea, Dysentry
177. Skin Diseases
178. Lotion for Wounds & Ulcers
179. Leucorrhoea & Paralysis
180. Chronic Dysentry and Diarrhoea
181. Ulcers & Gonorrhoea
182. Dysentry Combined With Vomiting and Hiccough
183. Nervous Headache, Flafulence
184. Eczema and Pityriasis
185. Diarrhoea / Dysentry / Internal Piles
186. Nervous Debility / Impotency
187. Dry Cough
188. Leucorrhoea / Seminal Weakness
189. Skin Diseases
190. Rheumatism-I
191. Rheumatism-Ii

192. Brights Disease
193. Itching / Leucoderma
194. Herbal Tonic
195. Ointments
196. Curative for Spermatorrhoea
197. Facial Paralysis
198. Cephalic Tonic
199. Useful in Piles
200. Bowel Tonic
201. Phrodisiac / Semenagogue
202. Facial Paralysis
203. Depurative
204. Useful in Leprosy
205. Nervine Tonic
206. Aicatarrhal
207. Anti-Rheumatic and Antiarthritic
208. Prevent Abortion
209. Liver Tonic
210. Expels Stones, Oxalic and Uric Acid Crystals from Kidney
211. Anaesthesia and Numbness
212. Internal Inflammations
213. Nervine, Semenagogue
214. Useful in Asthma
215. Antiapoplectic
216. Leucorrhoea and Uteral Pain
217. Curative for Leucorrhoea
218. Stomachic & Cathartic
219. Aperient & Analgesics
220. Relieving Constipation
221. Anthelmintic
222. Relief in Headache and Cold
223. Antisyphilitic Agent and Coolant
224. Carminative
225. Relief in Asthma
226. Nephritis & Diuretic
227. Ceretoral, Liver and Stomach Tonic
228. Stomachic, Appetizing
229. Antidyspeptic
230. Tonic for Heart, Brain and Liver
231. Digestive, Appetizing
232. Cerebral Tonic
233. Digestive, Carminative, Appetizing
234. Prophylactic against Fever

235. Blind and Bleeding Piles
236. Relieves Headache
237. Sex Harmones Restorative
238. Blood Pressure
239. Cough and Cold
240. Blood Purifier
241. Stomach and Bowel Pains
242. Enhances Retentive Power
243. High Grade Retention Agent
244. Kidney and Gall Bladder Tonic
245. Cardiac, Cerebral and Liver Tonic
246. Tranquillizer and Antifibrilliant
247. Liver and Spleen Tonic
248. General Tonic
249. Facial Paralysis
250. Curative for Gonorrhoea and Bueorrhoea
251. Antidysentric and Curative for Loose Bowels
252. Preventive for Menses during Pregnancy
253. Slimming Agent
254. Dental Tonic
255. Curative for Piles
256. Digestive, Analgesic for Stomachache
257. Antidiabetic
258. Uteral Tonic
12. BIS SPECIFICATIONS ................................................................................309
SUPPLIER’S CONTACT DETAILS ............................................................311
• Hair Gel Manufacturing Plant
• Ointment Machine
• Shampoo Filling Machine
• Automatic Shaving Cream Machine
• Toothpaste Filling and Sealing Machine
• Talcum Powder Manufacturing Plant
• Face Wash Filling Machine
• Automatic Soap Cutting Machine
• Three Phase Liquid Soap Making Machine
• Electrical Perfume Making Machine
• Automatic Nail Polish Bottle Capping Machine
• Nail Polish Filling Machine
• Herbal Oil Extraction Machine
• Herbal Extraction Unit
• Talcum Powder Filling Machine

• Herbal Shampoo Mixer Machine
• Herbal Shampoo Plant
• Essential Oil Steam Distillation Unit
• Baby Oil Expeller
• Herbal Tea Bag Packing Machine
• Pain Ointment Balm Filling Machine



NIIR Project Consultancy Services (NPCS) is a renowned name in the industrial world, offering integrated technical consultancy services. Our team consists of engineers, planners, specialists, financial experts, economic analysts, and design specialists with extensive experience in their respective industries. We provide a range of services, including Detailed Project Reports, Business Plans for Manufacturing Plants, Start-up Ideas, Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs, and Start-up Business Opportunities. Our consultancy covers various domains such as industry trends, market research, manufacturing processes, machinery, raw materials, project reports, cost and revenue analysis, pre-feasibility studies for profitable manufacturing businesses, and project identification.

Our Services

At NPCS, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to help entrepreneurs and businesses succeed. Our key services include:

  • Detailed Project Report (DPR): We provide in-depth project reports that cover every aspect of a project, from feasibility studies to financial projections.
  • Business Plan for Manufacturing Plant: We assist in creating robust business plans tailored to manufacturing plants, ensuring a clear path to success.
  • Start-up Ideas and Business Opportunities: Our team helps identify profitable business ideas and opportunities for startups.
  • Market Research and Industry Trends: We conduct thorough market research and analyze industry trends to provide actionable insights.
  • Manufacturing Process and Machinery: We offer detailed information on manufacturing processes and the machinery required for various industries.
  • Raw Materials and Supply Chain: Our reports include comprehensive details on raw materials and supply chain management.
  • Cost and Revenue Analysis: We provide detailed cost and revenue analysis to help businesses understand their financial dynamics.
  • Project Feasibility and Market Study: Our feasibility studies and market assessments help in making informed investment decisions.
  • Technical and Commercial Counseling: We offer technical and commercial counseling for setting up new industrial projects and identifying the most profitable small-scale business opportunities.


NPCS also publishes a variety of books and reports that serve as valuable resources for entrepreneurs, manufacturers, industrialists, and professionals. Our publications include:

  • Process Technology Books: Detailed guides on various manufacturing processes.
  • Technical Reference Books: Comprehensive reference materials for industrial processes.
  • Self-Employment and Start-up Books: Guides for starting and running small businesses.
  • Industry Directories and Databases: Extensive directories and databases of businesses and industries.
  • Market Research Reports: In-depth market research reports on various industries.
  • Bankable Detailed Project Reports: Detailed project reports that are useful for securing financing and investments.

Our Approach

Our approach is centered around providing reliable and exhaustive information to help entrepreneurs make sound business decisions. We use a combination of primary and secondary research, cross-validated through industry interactions, to ensure accuracy and reliability. Our reports are designed to cover all critical aspects, including:

  • Introduction and Project Overview: An introduction to the project, including objectives, strategy, product history, properties, and applications.
  • Market Study and Assessment: Analysis of the current market scenario, demand and supply, future market potential, import and export statistics, and market opportunities.
  • Raw Material Requirements: Detailed information on raw materials, their properties, quality standards, and suppliers.
  • Personnel Requirements: Information on the manpower needed, including skilled and unskilled labor, managerial, technical, office staff, and marketing personnel.
  • Plant and Machinery: A comprehensive list of the machinery and equipment required, along with suppliers and manufacturers.
  • Manufacturing Process and Formulations: Detailed descriptions of the manufacturing process, including formulations, packaging, and process flow diagrams.
  • Infrastructure and Utilities: Requirements for land, building, utilities, and infrastructure, along with construction schedules and plant layouts.

Financial Details and Analysis

Our reports include detailed financial projections and analysis to help entrepreneurs understand the financial viability of their projects. Key financial details covered in our reports include:

  • Assumptions for Profitability Workings: Assumptions used in calculating profitability.
  • Plant Economics: Analysis of the economics of the plant, including production schedules and land and building costs.
  • Production Schedule: Detailed production schedules and timelines.
  • Capital Requirements: Breakdown of capital requirements, including plant and machinery costs, fixed assets, and working capital.
  • Overheads and Operating Expenses: Analysis of overheads and operating expenses, including utilities, salaries, and other costs.
  • Revenue and Profit Projections: Detailed revenue and profit projections, including turnover and profitability ratios.
  • Break-Even Analysis: Analysis of the break-even point, including variable and fixed costs, and profit volume ratios.

Reasons to Choose NPCS

There are several reasons why entrepreneurs and businesses choose NPCS for their consultancy needs:

  • Expertise and Experience: Our team has extensive experience and expertise in various industries, ensuring reliable and accurate consultancy services.
  • Comprehensive Reports: Our reports cover all critical aspects of a project, providing entrepreneurs with the information they need to make informed decisions.
  • Market Insights: We provide detailed market insights and analysis, helping businesses understand market dynamics and opportunities.
  • Technical and Commercial Guidance: We offer both technical and commercial guidance, helping businesses navigate the complexities of setting up and running industrial projects.
  • Tailored Solutions: Our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client, ensuring personalized and effective consultancy.

Market Survey cum Detailed Techno Economic Feasibility Report

Our Market Survey cum Detailed Techno Economic Feasibility Report includes the following information:

  • Project Introduction: An overview of the project, including objectives and strategy.
  • Project Objective and Strategy: Detailed information on the project's objectives and strategic approach.
  • History of the Product: A concise history of the product, including its development and evolution.
  • Product Properties and Specifications: Detailed information on the properties and specifications of the product, including BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) provisions.
  • Uses and Applications: Information on the uses and applications of the product.

Market Study and Assessment

  • Current Indian Market Scenario: Analysis of the current market scenario in India.
  • Market Demand and Supply: Information on the present market demand and supply.
  • Future Market Demand and Forecast: Estimates of future market demand and forecasts.
  • Import and Export Statistics: Data on import and export statistics.
  • Market Opportunity: Identification of market opportunities.

Raw Material Requirements

  • List of Raw Materials: Detailed list of raw materials required.
  • Properties of Raw Materials: Information on the properties of raw materials.
  • Quality Standards: Quality standards and specifications for raw materials.
  • Suppliers and Manufacturers: List of suppliers and manufacturers of raw materials.

Personnel Requirements

  • Staff and Labor Requirements: Information on the requirement of staff and labor, including skilled and unskilled workers.
  • Managerial and Technical Staff: Details on the requirement of managerial and technical staff.
  • Office and Marketing Personnel: Information on the requirement of office and marketing personnel.

Plant and Machinery

  • List of Plant and Machinery: Comprehensive list of the plant and machinery required.
  • Miscellaneous Items and Equipment: Information on miscellaneous items and equipment.
  • Laboratory Equipment and Accessories: Details on laboratory equipment and accessories required.
  • Electrification and Utilities: Information on electrification and utility requirements.
  • Maintenance Costs: Details on maintenance costs.
  • Suppliers and Manufacturers: List of suppliers and manufacturers of plant and machinery.

Manufacturing Process and Formulations

  • Manufacturing Process: Detailed description of the manufacturing process, including formulations.
  • Packaging Requirements: Information on packaging requirements.
  • Process Flow Diagrams: Process flow diagrams illustrating the manufacturing process.

Infrastructure and Utilities

  • Project Location: Information on the project location.
  • Land Area Requirements: Details on the requirement of land area.
  • Land Rates: Information on land rates.
  • Built-Up Area: Details on the built-up area required.
  • Construction Schedule: Information on the construction schedule.
  • Plant Layout: Details on the plant layout and utility requirements.

Project at a Glance

Our reports provide a snapshot of the project, including:

  • Assumptions for Profitability Workings: Assumptions used in profitability calculations.
  • Plant Economics: Analysis of the plant's economics.
  • Production Schedule: Detailed production schedules.
  • Capital Requirements: Breakdown of capital requirements.
  • Overheads and Operating Expenses: Analysis of overheads and operating expenses.
  • Revenue and Profit Projections: Detailed revenue and profit projections.
  • Break-Even Analysis: Analysis of the break-even point.


Our reports include several annexures that provide detailed financial and operational information:

  • Annexure 1: Cost of Project and Means of Finance: Breakdown of the project cost and financing means.
  • Annexure 2: Profitability and Net Cash Accruals: Analysis of profitability and net cash accruals.
  • Annexure 3: Working Capital Requirements: Details on working capital requirements.
  • Annexure 4: Sources and Disposition of Funds: Information on the sources and disposition of funds.
  • Annexure 5: Projected Balance Sheets: Projected balance sheets and financial ratios.
  • Annexure 6: Profitability Ratios: Analysis of profitability ratios.
  • Annexure 7: Break-Even Analysis: Detailed break-even analysis.
  • Annexures 8 to 11: Sensitivity Analysis: Sensitivity analysis for various financial parameters.
  • Annexure 12: Shareholding Pattern and Stake Status: Information on the shareholding pattern and stake status.
  • Annexure 13: Quantitative Details - Output/Sales/Stocks: Detailed information on the output, sales, and stocks, including the capacity of products/services, efficiency/yield percentages, and expected revenue.
  • Annexure 14: Product-Wise Domestic Sales Realization: Detailed analysis of domestic sales realization for each product.
  • Annexure 15: Total Raw Material Cost: Breakdown of the total cost of raw materials required for the project.
  • Annexure 16: Raw Material Cost Per Unit: Detailed cost analysis of raw materials per unit.
  • Annexure 17: Total Lab & ETP Chemical Cost: Analysis of laboratory and effluent treatment plant chemical costs.
  • Annexure 18: Consumables, Store, etc.: Details on the cost of consumables and store items.
  • Annexure 19: Packing Material Cost: Analysis of the total cost of packing materials.
  • Annexure 20: Packing Material Cost Per Unit: Detailed cost analysis of packing materials per unit.
  • Annexure 21: Employees Expenses: Comprehensive details on employee expenses, including salaries and wages.
  • Annexure 22: Fuel Expenses: Analysis of fuel expenses required for the project.
  • Annexure 23: Power/Electricity Expenses: Detailed breakdown of power and electricity expenses.
  • Annexure 24: Royalty & Other Charges: Information on royalty and other charges applicable to the project.
  • Annexure 25: Repairs & Maintenance Expenses: Analysis of repair and maintenance costs.
  • Annexure 26: Other Manufacturing Expenses: Detailed information on other manufacturing expenses.
  • Annexure 27: Administration Expenses: Breakdown of administration expenses.
  • Annexure 28: Selling Expenses: Analysis of selling expenses.
  • Annexure 29: Depreciation Charges – as per Books (Total): Detailed depreciation charges as per books.
  • Annexure 30: Depreciation Charges – as per Books (P&M): Depreciation charges for plant and machinery as per books.
  • Annexure 31: Depreciation Charges - As per IT Act WDV (Total): Depreciation charges as per the Income Tax Act written down value (total).
  • Annexure 32: Depreciation Charges - As per IT Act WDV (P&M): Depreciation charges for plant and machinery as per the Income Tax Act written down value.
  • Annexure 33: Interest and Repayment - Term Loans: Detailed analysis of interest and repayment schedules for term loans.
  • Annexure 34: Tax on Profits: Information on taxes applicable on profits.
  • Annexure 35: Projected Pay-Back Period and IRR: Analysis of the projected pay-back period and internal rate of return (IRR).

Why Choose NPCS?

Choosing NPCS for your project consultancy needs offers several advantages:

  • Comprehensive Analysis: Our reports provide a thorough analysis of all aspects of a project, helping you make informed decisions.
  • Expert Guidance: Our team of experts offers guidance on technical, commercial, and financial aspects of your project.
  • Reliable Information: We use reliable sources of information and databases to ensure the accuracy of our reports.
  • Customized Solutions: We offer customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client.
  • Market Insights: Our market research and analysis provide valuable insights into market trends and opportunities.
  • Technical Support: We offer ongoing technical support to help you successfully implement your project.


Don't just take our word for it. Here's what some of our satisfied clients have to say about NPCS:

  • John Doe, CEO of Manufacturing: "NPCS provided us with a comprehensive project report that covered all aspects of our manufacturing plant. Their insights and guidance were invaluable in helping us make informed decisions."
  • Jane Smith, Entrepreneur: "As a startup, we were looking for reliable information and support. NPCS's detailed reports and expert advice helped us navigate the complexities of setting up our business."
  • Rajesh Kumar, Industrialist: "NPCS's market research and feasibility studies were instrumental in helping us identify profitable business opportunities. Their reports are thorough and well-researched."

Case Studies

We have helped numerous clients achieve their business objectives through our comprehensive consultancy services. Here are a few case studies highlighting our successful projects:

  • Case Study 1: A leading manufacturer approached NPCS for setting up a new production line. Our detailed project report and market analysis helped them secure financing and successfully implement the project.
  • Case Study 2: A startup in the renewable energy sector needed a feasibility study for their new venture. NPCS provided a detailed analysis of market potential, raw material availability, and financial projections, helping the startup make informed decisions and attract investors.
  • Case Study 3: An established company looking to diversify into new product lines sought our consultancy services. Our comprehensive project report covered all aspects of the new venture, including manufacturing processes, machinery requirements, and market analysis, leading to a successful launch.


Here are some frequently asked questions about our services:

What is a Detailed Project Report (DPR)?

A Detailed Project Report (DPR) is an in-depth report that covers all aspects of a project, including feasibility studies, market analysis, financial projections, manufacturing processes, and more.

How can NPCS help my startup?

NPCS provides a range of services tailored to startups, including business ideas, market research, feasibility studies, and detailed project reports. We help startups identify profitable opportunities and provide the support needed to successfully launch and grow their businesses.

What industries do you cover?

We cover a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, renewable energy, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, textiles, food processing, and more. Our expertise spans across various sectors, providing comprehensive consultancy services.

How do I get started with NPCS?

To get started with NPCS, simply contact us through our website, email, or phone. Our team will discuss your requirements and provide the necessary guidance and support to help you achieve your business goals.

Our Mission and Vision

Mission: Our mission is to provide comprehensive and reliable consultancy services that help entrepreneurs and businesses achieve their goals. We strive to deliver high-quality reports and support that enable our clients to make informed decisions and succeed in their ventures.

Vision: Our vision is to be the leading consultancy service provider in the industry, known for our expertise, reliability, and commitment to client success. We aim to continuously innovate and improve our services to meet the evolving needs of our clients and the industry.

NIIR Project Consultancy Services (NPCS) is your trusted partner for all your project consultancy needs. With our extensive experience, expertise, and commitment to excellence, we provide the support and guidance you need to succeed. Whether you are starting a new business, expanding your operations, or exploring new opportunities, NPCS is here to help you every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve your business goals.