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Best Business Opportunities in Manipur - Identification and Selection of right Project, Thrust areas for Investment, Industry Startup and Entrepreneurship


Manipur is a state in north Eastern India, with the city of Imphal as its capital. Manipur has been at the crossroads of Asian economic and cultural exchange for more than 2500 years. It has long connected Indian subcontinent to Southeast Asia, enabling migration of people, cultures and religions. Manipur is primarily an agrarian economy, with significant hydroelectric power generation potential.

The natural vegetation occupies an area of about 14,365 km² which is nearly 64% of the total geographical area of the state. The vegetation consists of a large variety of plants ranging from short and tall grasses, reeds and bamboos to trees of various species. Broadly, there are four types of forests - Tropical Semi-evergreen, Dry Temperate Forest, Sub-Tropical Pine and Tropical Moist Deciduous.


Manipur has population of 25.7 Lakhs, an increase from figure of 22.94 Lakh. Total population of Manipur as per 2011 census is 2,570,390 of which male and female are 1,290,171 and 1,280,219 respectively.

Total area of Manipur is 22,327 sq. km. Density of Manipur is 115 per sq km which is lower than national average 382 per sq km. In 2001, density of Manipur was 103 per sq km.

Of the total population of Manipur state, around 67.55 percent live in the villages of rural areas. In actual numbers, males and females were 878,469 and 857,767 respectively. Total population of rural areas of Manipur state was 1,736,236. In rural areas of Manipur, literacy rate for males and female stood at 83.39 % and 67.03 %. Average literacy rate in Manipur for rural areas was 76.20 percent. Total literates in rural areas were 1,142,564.


Least touched and least discovered Manipur promises to be the great tourist discovery of the21st century. An oval shaped valley surrounded by blue green hills, rich in art and tradition has inspired description such as the Switzerland of the East with its cascading rapids, tripling rivers, varieties of flowers, exotic blooms and lakes. The people of Manipur include Meitei, Nagas, Kuki-Chin-Mizo and Gorkhas groups and Muslims and other colorful communities which have lived in complete harmony for centuries.

The Ministry of Tourism has five Regional offices located at Kolkata (East), Mumbai (West), Delhi (North), Chennai (South) and Guwahati (North East), which are headed by an officer of the level of Deputy Director General designated as Regional Director.

Domestic tourists intending to visit Manipur by road via Dimapur/Kohima require Inner Line Permits to pass through Nagaland. These are issued by the Liaison officers of the Government of Nagaland at New Delhi, Calcutta, Guwahati, Shillong and the Sub-divisional officer (Civil), Dimapur, deputy Commissioner, Imphal can also issue permits to tourists traveling by road from imphal to Kohima and Dimapur in Nagaland.


The Information Technology and IT Enabled Services sector in India is looking towards Tier-II and Tier-III cities to meet the growing demands of the industry for sourcing its required skilled manpower. The youth of Manipur have not only excelled in the field of Sports, but have already established a noticeable presence in the ITES industry in India.

Manipur State is striving to score higher on being business-friendly in terms of the available IT infrastructure. These include:

•        Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) unit of Imphal with Earth station and OFC connectivity.

•        Up gradation of IT infrastructure at Imphal to provide modern Business-ready built-up office space for IT/ITES firms.

•        Internet on the move – Various Telcos like BSNL, Tata Indicom, Airtel etc. are providing Wireless Internet across the State.

A high rate of unemployment exists in Manipur, particularly among the educated youth. According to the Live Register of Employment Exchange, the total number of educated job-seekers were recorded as 5, 83.65 thousands.

Manipur is rich in natural resources but due to difficult terrain, inadequate infrastructural facilities and varying climatic conditions, the state could not develop much in the industrial sector of its economy. In the initial stage, Govt. policy in the state was one of revival and revitalization of the traditional handlooms and handicrafts of the local habitats. The contribution of the manufacturing sector to the total gross state domestic product at current prices is found to be 6.17 percent. The trend of industrial development and the present local conditions of the state and in consonance with industrial policy of the Government of India, the Govt. of Manipur in its policy announcement of 1990, has decided to focus attention to the small scale and agro-based industries without discouraging the medium and large-scale industries. It is expected to serve the objective of employment generation and dispersal of industries in rural and urban areas. The state has laid emphasis on creating a strong industrial base and employment opportunities in the state through provision of various growth inducing factors based on locally available resources. It is based on locally available raw materials and minerals. In order to promote rapid industrialization, the State Government has over the years been offering attractive package of incentives and concessions to invigorative industries.

The khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) was established by the Govt. of India in the year 1957. The Khadi and Village Industries is not only providing employment to people in rural and semi-urban areas at low investment per job, but also utilizes local skill resources and provides part-time as well as full time work to rural artisans, women and minorities.

The traditional sector of industries falls within the purview of organizations such as Khadi and Village Industries Commission. The KVIC include artisans in tiny industrial units and defines it as any industry located in a village or town inhabited by population not exceeding 10000 which produces goods and renders services with or without the use of power in which the fixed capital per head does not exceed Rs.15000.

Growth Centres are large villages or small towns which have the potential to become the nuclei for the socio-economic development of the surrounding area. The Growth Centres can be identified by the different orders with respect to the quality and quantity of services and facilities, service area and population. A growth centre of lowest order should have services such as agricultural input centre, primary and middle school, maternity and child care centres and daily market.

Small-Scale Industries (SSI) is an important segment of the economy, contributing substantially in the form of production, employment and exports. It has continued to play a vital role in the fulfillment of socio-economic objectives. The principal factor for defining small-scale Industries has always been based on the size of investment. Small-Scale Industries are those industries whose investment in fixed assets such as plants and machineries does not exceed Rs.100.00 lakhs (Rs.1 Crore). Investment in plant and machinery in respect of industry related Small-Scale Service and Business Enterprises (SSSBE) were increased to Rs.10.00 lakhs from Rs.5.00 lakhs. For speedy growth of small-scale industries, the Government has already brought about simplifications in the SSI registration procedures.

The State Government has introduced this Policy with various components being offered such as, incentives, improved infrastructure facilities, supply of quality power, and credit flow from Bank and Financial institutions, better market linkages and to boost investor confidence.

The Government of Manipur desire Manipur to be a preferred destination for industrial and trade activities and achieving to the aspiration of the people of Manipur, thereby affording to –

•        All round economic development and to improve living standards.

•        To create employment opportunities, skill development and self

•        Employment opportunities.

•        Optimal utilization of both natural and physical resources.


•        Develop adequate infrastructures to ensure planned and accelerated industrial development.

•        Promote maximum capital investment in the State for economic activities resulting in employment opportunities, improving standard of living of people at large and all-round development of the State.

•        Promote modernization and technology up-gradation of existing industrial units.

•        Encourage quality control, standardization and competitiveness of local products.

•        Promote eco-friendly industries.


•             Agro based industry 

•             Bio-Technology industries.

•             Floriculture. 

•             Handloom and Handicraft.

•             Medicinal Plants.

•             Distillation of oils from aromatic plants.

•             Mineral based industries.

•             Information Technology Trade and Commerce under Export Import mechanisms.




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Reasons for buying our reports:

• This report helps you to identify a profitable project for investing or diversifying into by throwing light to crucial areas like industry size, market potential of the product and reasons for investing in the product

• This report provides vital information on the product like its characteristics and segmentation

• This report helps you market and place the product correctly by identifying the target customer group of the product 

• This report helps you understand the viability of the project by disclosing details like machinery required, project costs and snapshot of other project financials

• The report provides a glimpse of government regulations applicable on the industry

• The report provides forecasts of key parameters which helps to anticipate the industry performance and make sound business decisions.


Our Approach:

• Our research reports broadly cover Indian markets, present analysis, outlook and forecast for a period of five years.

• The market forecasts are developed on the basis of secondary research and are cross-validated through interactions with the industry players

• We use reliable sources of information and databases. And information from such sources is processed by us and included in the report

We can provide you detailed project reports on the following topics. Please select the projects of your interests.
Each detailed project reports cover all the aspects of business, from analysing the market, confirming availability of various necessities such as plant & machinery, raw materials to forecasting the financial requirements. The scope of the report includes assessing market potential, negotiating with collaborators, investment decision making, corporate diversification planning etc. in a very planned manner by formulating detailed manufacturing techniques and forecasting financial aspects by estimating the ost of raw material, formulating the cash flow statement, projecting the balance sheet etc.
We also offer self-contained Pre-Investment and Pre-Feasibility Studies, Market Surveys and Studies, Preparation of Techno-Economic Feasibility Reports, Identification and Selection of Plant and Machinery, Manufacturing Process and or Equipment required, General Guidance, Technical and Commercial Counseling for setting up new industrial projects on the following topics. Many of the engineers, project consultant & industrial consultancy firms in India and worldwide use our project reports as one of the input in doing their analysis.

We can modify the project capacity and project cost as per your requirement.
We can also prepare project report on any subject as per your requirement.

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Information Technology  (IT) Park
Information Technology (IT) Park

IT park is basically construction unit which will be used by MNCs technical men or business men for the development of technology based on computer... Read More

Capacity : Area 15 Acres of Land
Plant and Machinery cost: 27000.00 Lakhs
Working Capital : 36.00
Rate of Return (ROR):0.00%
Break Even Point (BEP):0.00 %
TCI :39369.00 Lakhs
Cost of Project : 39369.00Lakhs
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Ethanol as Biofuel
Ethanol as Biofuel

Ethanol has been known as fuel for many decades. Production of ethanol in the world is increasing very rapidly and has grown. There is a vast scope... Read More

Capacity : 100000Ltrs./Day
Plant and Machinery cost: 5000.00 Lakhs
Working Capital : 1100.00
Rate of Return (ROR):13.08%
Break Even Point (BEP):77.17 %
TCI :6800.00 Lakhs
Cost of Project : 6800.00Lakhs
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Bio-fertilizer from Birds Excreta
Bio-fertilizer from Birds Excreta

Bio-fertilizer is a product which is largely used now a days in various crops cultivation. There is large demand increases day by day due to replac... Read More

Capacity : 5.0 MT/Day
Plant and Machinery cost: 20.00 Lakhs
Working Capital : 19.00
Rate of Return (ROR):39.79%
Break Even Point (BEP):52.84 %
TCI :103.00 Lakhs
Cost of Project : 103.00Lakhs
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Yeast from Molasses
Yeast from Molasses

There are two types of yeast as compressed yeast. It is convenient to use dry yeast powder for bakeries its handling is simple and its preservation... Read More

Capacity : 5.00 MT/Day
Plant and Machinery cost: 137.00 Lakhs
Working Capital : 71.00
Rate of Return (ROR):62.94%
Break Even Point (BEP):63.51 %
TCI :284.00 Lakhs
Cost of Project : 284.00Lakhs
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Vermiculite is compound of hydrated magnesium iron aluminium silicate. It is rarely available in India. Say almost nil. It is naturally available i... Read More

Capacity : 5 MT Vermiculite/Day
Plant and Machinery cost: 28.00 Lakhs
Working Capital : 20.00
Rate of Return (ROR):65.00%
Break Even Point (BEP):53.00 %
TCI :150.00 Lakhs
Cost of Project : 150.00Lakhs
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N-Acetyl Glucosamine through Chitin Biotechnically
N-Acetyl Glucosamine through Chitin Biotechnically

N-acetyl glucosamine is manufactured from chitin by enzymatic treatment of chitin. It is used for development of various biotechnology base product... Read More

Capacity : 500 Kgs/Day
Plant and Machinery cost: 60.00 Lakhs
Working Capital : 123.00
Rate of Return (ROR):60.41%
Break Even Point (BEP):37.89 %
TCI :236.00 Lakhs
Cost of Project : 236.00Lakhs
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Biofertilizer from Birds Excreta
Biofertilizer from Birds Excreta

Bio-fertilizer is a product which is largely used now a days in various crops cultivation. There is large demand increases day by day due to replac... Read More

Capacity : 5.0 MT/Day
Plant and Machinery cost: 20.00 Lakhs
Working Capital : 19.00
Rate of Return (ROR):39.79%
Break Even Point (BEP):52.84 %
TCI :103.00 Lakhs
Cost of Project : 103.00Lakhs
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Vermicompost is a newly developed compost fertilizer which can be used largely instead of inorganic as well as organic fertilizer. The production ... Read More

Capacity : 5.0 MT/Day
Plant and Machinery cost: 8.00 Lakhs
Working Capital : 10.00
Rate of Return (ROR):48.19%
Break Even Point (BEP):42.53 %
TCI :55.00 Lakhs
Cost of Project : 55.00Lakhs
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Micro Propagation Growth of Tissue Culture
Micro Propagation Growth of Tissue Culture

Tissue culture is the process of development of new tissue for the further propagation of new plant without diseases and better yield capacity of f... Read More

Capacity : 20 Million Plantlets/Year
Plant and Machinery cost: 45.00 Lakhs
Working Capital : 196.95
Rate of Return (ROR):0.00%
Break Even Point (BEP):0.00 %
TCI :0.00 Lakhs
Cost of Project : 0.00Lakhs
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Computer Assembling Unit
Computer Assembling Unit

Computer is simply a tool for people to use; it is a machine that can solve any problem by accepting data, performing certain operations on that da... Read More

Capacity : 1000 Nos./Annum
Plant and Machinery cost: 4.00 Lakhs
Working Capital : 90.00
Rate of Return (ROR):37.68%
Break Even Point (BEP):39.12 %
TCI :112.00 Lakhs
Cost of Project : 112.00Lakhs
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Computer Software
Computer Software

The impressive growth of the Indian software industry has been possible for several reasons. India possesses the world?s second largest pool of sc... Read More

Capacity : 48 Software/Annum
Plant and Machinery cost: 40.00 Lakhs
Working Capital : 23.00
Rate of Return (ROR):35.72%
Break Even Point (BEP):53.63 %
TCI :93.00 Lakhs
Cost of Project : 93.00Lakhs
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CD Players
CD Players

The audio market can be divided in to Ratio cassette recorders and player, (either mono and stereo) and compact disc (CD) player. Among all the thr... Read More

Capacity : 30 Nos/Day
Plant and Machinery cost: 7.00 Lakhs
Working Capital : 106.00
Rate of Return (ROR):42.47%
Break Even Point (BEP):39.37 %
TCI :122.00 Lakhs
Cost of Project : 122.00Lakhs
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Cybercafe-Internet Browsing Center
Cybercafe-Internet Browsing Center

Cybercafes are also called internet browsing centers, Internet kiosks, Internet Browsing clubs, Internet Hubs, chat centers, Cyber mails, cyber pub... Read More

Capacity : 60 Hours/Day
Plant and Machinery cost: 2.40 Lakhs
Working Capital : 0.73
Rate of Return (ROR):26.79%
Break Even Point (BEP):0.00 %
TCI :4.78 Lakhs
Cost of Project : 4.78Lakhs
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UPS and Invertors
UPS and Invertors

Various sophisticated electronic and mechanical equipment require continuous and unfluctuating power supply for effective functioning. Computer, fa... Read More

Capacity : 2.0 Nos./Day
Plant and Machinery cost: 3.00 Lakhs
Working Capital : 31.00
Rate of Return (ROR):61.32%
Break Even Point (BEP):43.20 %
TCI :41.00 Lakhs
Cost of Project : 41.00Lakhs
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Information Technology  (IT) Training Centre
Information Technology (IT) Training Centre

Information technology (IT) is a rapidly changing industry, with constant hardware and software changes; the IT industry is highly volatile. The ch... Read More

Capacity : Rs. 18.45 Lakhs
Plant and Machinery cost: 18.71 Lakhs
Working Capital : 47.27
Rate of Return (ROR):7254.00%
Break Even Point (BEP):0.00 %
TCI :29.29 Lakhs
Cost of Project : 29.29Lakhs
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Essential Oil From Lily, Mogra, Nishigandha
Essential Oil From Lily, Mogra, Nishigandha

The application of essential oils are very extensive and cover a wide range of human activities. A few important uses are in the manufacture of soa... Read More

Capacity : 5.0 Litres/Day
Plant and Machinery cost: 7.00 Lakhs
Working Capital : 11.00
Rate of Return (ROR):72.62%
Break Even Point (BEP):33.08 %
TCI :29.00 Lakhs
Cost of Project : 29.00Lakhs
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Essential Oil from Flowers (Rose Oil)
Essential Oil from Flowers (Rose Oil)

Roses are cultivated in public and private horticultural gardens and nurseries throughout the country. A few scented varieties are cultivated on a ... Read More

Capacity : 500 ML/Day
Plant and Machinery cost: 16.00 Lakhs
Working Capital : 0.00
Rate of Return (ROR):43.00%
Break Even Point (BEP):41.00 %
TCI :91.00 Lakhs
Cost of Project : 91.00Lakhs
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Extraction of Neem Oil
Extraction of Neem Oil

The neem tree is considered as one of the important natural resources possessed by India, in view of its variety of applications. Neem oil is obtai... Read More

Capacity : 50 Kgs/Day
Plant and Machinery cost: 9.00 Lakhs
Working Capital : 3.00
Rate of Return (ROR):25.77%
Break Even Point (BEP):68.49 %
TCI :30.00 Lakhs
Cost of Project : 30.00Lakhs
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NameCapacityRate of return (ROR):Cost of project
Information Technology (... Area 15 Acres of Land 0.00 39369.00
Ethanol as Biofuel 100000Ltrs./Day 13.08 6800.00
Bio-fertilizer from Birds... 5.0 MT/Day 39.79 103.00
Yeast from Molasses 5.00 MT/Day 62.94 284.00
Vermiculite 5 MT Vermiculite/Day 65.00 150.00
N-Acetyl Glucosamine thro... 500 Kgs/Day 60.41 236.00
Biofertilizer from Birds ... 5.0 MT/Day 39.79 103.00
Vermicompost 5.0 MT/Day 48.19 55.00
Micro Propagation Growth ... 20 Million Plantlets/Year 0.00 0.00
Computer Assembling Unit 1000 Nos./Annum 37.68 112.00
Computer Software 48 Software/Annum 35.72 93.00
CD Players 30 Nos/Day 42.47 122.00
Cybercafe-Internet Browsi... 60 Hours/Day 26.79 4.78
UPS and Invertors 2.0 Nos./Day 61.32 41.00
Information Technology (... Rs. 18.45 Lakhs 7254.00 29.29
Essential Oil From Lily, ... 5.0 Litres/Day 72.62 29.00
Essential Oil from Flower... 500 ML/Day 43.00 91.00
Extraction of Neem Oil 50 Kgs/Day 25.77 30.00
Herbal Natural Essential ... 51 Kgs/Day 15.48 190.00
Essential Oil from Rose F... 400 ml/Day 28.21 29.00
Handicraft (Cane & Bamboo... 165 Items/Day 49.18 26.00
Municipal Waste Treatment 24 Tons/Day 32.02 119.00
Menthol Oil , Clove Oil ... 300 Kgs./Day 74.00 90.00
Surgical Methylated Spiri... 10000 Litres/Day 45.19 179.00
Industrial Enzymes 4 Ton/DAY 43.00 893.00
Jatropha Plantation and O... 24000.00 Kgs/Annum 16.00 92.00
Tissue Culture 6700 Nos Plant lots/DAY 47.00 200.00
Liquid Organic Fertiliser... 300000 Liters/Annum 41.00 73.06
Liquid Organic Fertilizer... 300000 Liters/Annum 41.00 74.00
Rose Oil Extraction 500 gms/day 43.00 91.00
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